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Tough questions you cowards won’t ask about LO’s involvment in Ms.Careen’s death

When I was growing up as a young man, Louis Otieno was among top local TV personalities I loooked up to and most probably shaped my desire to get into media school. The others being Bernard Otieno, Jeff Koinange, Zain Virgee and Vincent Makori just to mention a few.

Having said that I most certainly know that whatever I am going to say will not be looked at as objective but again objectivity is the least of my considerations at this point having witnessed the unfair treatment that LO has received from the pens of people who not so long ago were his colleagues in the media houses having himself worked for all the major news outlets in this country. I also want to mention that I happen to come from the same village as LO but that does not in anyway affect my opinion about him but I’m rather only interested in having us look at this whole story in a different angle: Louis Otieno could as well be the victim here.

When I saw LO in the news last night, I saw a man who is forced to defend his innocence instead of being allowed to mourn the passing of his loved one just because her girlfriend died when they were having “relationship problems”.

According to information that I managed to gather from several online sources which again I cannot verify their authenticity, the said Ms. Careen was way much in debt most of it from shylocks whom we very well know are very ruthless when it comes to debt collection. The issues of what the debts were for is neither here nor there as that cannot be ascertained at this point and I clearly don’t see how a 26 year old girl could be getting loans on behalf of LO who is a well known personality.

Wouldn’t it hav been easier for him to acquire the loans by himself? So the first important question I want us to ask ourselves is this: what if the shylocks did it, and knowing that they were having relationship problems tried to frame LO just so as to have the police looking somewhere else? And somewhere else they did look. I wonder if there is any other leads they are trying to follow because we have a lazy police force who are never keen on conducting investigations.

Okay asume that I did not ask the previous question. Ms. Careen and Louis were having problems with their relationship. Maybe (just maybe) LO was a player like all of you claim and he broke her heart so bad (and being so much in love with this celebrity) she decided to kill herself and have LO blamed for it by leaving that note saying LO was trying to extort her. Yeah, what if she purposely did that to ruin his reputation and probably have him locked in jail as a means of her paying back for his “loose willie” (again just hypotheticaly speaking). What if that was the case?

If LO actually strangled her, could he leave a note so incriminating by her victim’s side? Even if LO was the dumbest dude on earth!

Finaly the police did a DNA swab on LO, what if the results come positive, would that mean he is guilty? I thank God LO has a good lawyer for himself in the name of Philip Murgor the former DPP. LO was in a relationship with this lady, he was a frequenter in that house it is very likely that his DNA is all over the place in that apartment and maybe even on her body. If he was just some stranger to the lady that would be some serious evidence but not in this case.

I know that we have lost a very young lady who probably did not make some wise choices somewhere and if she was murdered that was a painful thing and whoever is responsible should be brought to justice. However we should not make this matter garaver that it already is by encouraging speculations. What if it was your girlfriend/boyfriend who died in similar circumstances and people satrt saying all sorts of things about you.

I may not approve of Louis so-called “womanizer lifestyle” but he too is human with feelings and at this point he is just grieving as much as Careen’s family and friends are. But look what we have done to him, he can’t even go back to his house. He probably would want to go and see his friend laid to rest but your speculations and rumour mongering might make that very impossible.

I get it as a blogger that at times we thrive of gossip but it is better at times to see how much pain and suffering our grapevine will cause.

R.I.P Ms. Careen and may whoever is responsible for your death be brought to book.



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