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Confessions of a stubborn boy – IWD edition

How I wish that everyday was women’s day, mothers’ day and Valentine’s day (put together). I know that could be very harmful to our wallets buh let’s think about how this would make our women feel – appreciated! Would you not like to lie down next to a happy woman every night and wake up every morning to that smile that comes from a woman who feels loved and appreciated every single moment of her life?

So today I want to appreciate all the beautiful women out there especially the Kenyan women who have to take a lot of crap from us every single moment. I promise to make them feel appreciated every day by posting this piece on my blog and they could read it any day and know that I appreciate what they do 

I want to start with that Kenyan mother who loves her son so much despite her son’s faults. He just refuses to follow instructions as a kid, gets even more stubborn in school and is suspended from school regularly but his mother lovingly takes him back to school and begs the teachers on his behalf. He soon starts to drink comes home late, but mummy lovingly opens the door for him in the middle of the night. He is shown the way to church but boy decides that the way to the pub is shorter. Mummy finally gives up on son, son gets a job after college and drinks even more yet if anything happens to him, mummy will be the first to shed tears.

Then there is the Kenyan girlfriend/ wife who meets her mate in a bar and thinks he could make a good hubby. Loves him with all her heart hoping that one day he will change but boy gets worse. Drinks even more, comes home late, sleeps out more often and gets violent when confronted. She lives every day of her life like this until she cannot take it anymore, she decides to leave yet she still loves him and deep in his heart he also loves her but they both have to let go.

There are the sisters and cousins old and young. They see all these but they love their brother and stand by him always no matter how wrong they know he is. They love him unconditionally and he loves them back though at time he wont listen to their advice. At times they get mad at him but they still love him so much.

My Kenyan boy has friends he loves so much. Of these friends are special women of whom no one will ever understand the nature of their relationship. They love each other so much but at times he takes advantage. He’s broken their hearts a million times but they still love him. They hope that some day he will change and appreciate them every single day of their lives and not wait for valentines, mothers’ day or women’s day to tell them how much he loves them.

This is the crap we give them every single day …. And so much more. At times its hard for some of them to bear so they pick up knives or panga’s and cut us in our sleep or pour hot water on us but in some twisted way we really deserved that.

Even as we celebrate our women today, I want us to remember one great woman from our beloved town who touched the heart of many with her works, advice and philanthropy. A great rugby fan and supporter of young talents. R.I.P Karyna Okwaro you will be greatly missed, we celebrate your life.



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