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I refuse to Believe!

Believe is probably one of the biggest words in Kenya tonight trending on every social media platform with all sorts of sarcasm attached to it. I want to ask for your forgiveness for talking about my beliefs because I am going to delve into a topic I had promised not to touch on this blog but at the end of the day I hope that you will still find it in your hearts to believe in me and my blog.

Forgive me if I am not a believer…rather forgive me for not believing in empty promises. Promises of youths being empowered and given a front row in the leadership of this country. Promises of youths being brought on to the table to formulate policies that will be used to drive this country forward. Mr. Politician forgive me for not believing, for asking why you did not think about our artist for the past 15 years you have been in a position of influence. I believe that like any other selfish politician you are just making empty promises to us because you know we hold the key that unlocks the house on the hill. For that I don’t believe.

Forgive me for not believing in hypocrisy – for not believing you have the best interests of this country at heart. Forgive me for thinking you are preaching water and drinking beer – I don’t believe! You spend millions on colorful ceremonies while we have hundreds of Kenyans living in deplorable conditions in IDP camps. I would love to see you Mr. Politician launch your campaign vehicle in a piece of land that you donated to IDPs out of the hundreds of thousands of acres your family grabbed – that would have been a powerful statement, more powerful than the show you put up today.

So Mr. Politician, you still want me to believe you when you say you want historical injustices investigated while you are a beneficiary of the same! If it were not for the injustices would you be part of the elite ruling class today? Talking about historical injustices, 2007 is still so recent history but you still want us to believe that you stand for a peaceful and united Kenya.How can you free this nation of the evils you yourself have been accused of?

For these reasons I refuse to believe…and will never believe in people like you who only want me to believe in unattainable dreams that have no clear frameworks. I am not of little faith – actually I have lots of faith. Faith in men and women of integrity who can be trusted to stand by their word and principles. Men and women who believe in uniting this country rather than segregating us based on ethnic lines.

#IdontBelieve in any presidential aspirant who’d rather form a new political party than square it out with others within party.

believe in the launch of a wananchi party with wananchi, not with wenyenchi in a cosy tent.

I believe in a woman who tells us to rise up and take our rightful position rather than asking us to believe and things will just happen to us because we are young. I believe in coming out and claiming my rightful position in this society rather than being asked to believe in empty promises. If that is what belief is all about, I refuse to believe! Nimejitokeza instead!!



  • kisumunlimited Reply

    May 20, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    I share the same sentiments bro, this is goin too far! #iDontBelieve


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