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Vybes Magazines Awards

This is for the Qwertyheads in the building…Qwertyleaks reloaded buh this tyme not from the BOG Chairman aka Dave Ngiri Odira aka Ngiri 40 aka the event aka any other fake name somebody can give himself. Happening tomorrow is the inaugural Vybez Magazines Awards proudly brought to you by Vybez Magazines and sponsored by among others MajiQ, LohKali.Ent and ofcos Qwerty ION ma ng’aa. If you are used to Disco Matangas come and experience quality sounds where you can tell what is bass, what is treble and any other sound you can name the kind of clarity only one Mista Ade Ade can offer you in Kisumu courtesy of House of Funk and they are also throwing in a massive stage and lighting that will make you spot one Jefferson Ngozi the darkest man I know, I hear he is for once busy doing something useful. The MC for the event will be one Dave Ngiri partnered with the amazing Ingred Awuor talk of beauty and the beast (we all know who the beast is). Moving on swiftly pathogens will not be admitted security will be very tight like its a State function and people like Mnash R Garo should be told in advance that no drinks will be allowed from outside so they can as well keep the chang’aa from Obunga away. Damage to your pockets will only be 200bob that is one beer at Barcadia buh incase you can’t afford please don’t come coz we don’t want you staring at us drinking money we made from Robert Adebz. And because we fill so generous we will also be throwing a Diel Nyaka Tho event…details coming up shortly. I hear Ted Ahono is also checking in cc Tonny Ovich.



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