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Kisumu becoming a gang city?

One thing that defines me is my unrivaled “stupidity” but I like to call it courage. Many times in the company of my friends I’ve bitten what to the ordinary mind would be more than I could chew but that courage has always left people wondering where I get the guts from – blame it on the alcohol!

This reminds me of part  a BBC documentary called the “Cat Diary”. What do you do when a lion charges at you in the middle of a plain with not enough time to get back to your Safari van? Well this BBC journalist decided to charge back at the lion too and do you know what happened?..The lion retreated.

Well I am not planning to charge on any lions – not anytime soon but something is really getting me worried about this town that tackling it head on might be as charging against a lion in the Mara plains with no safari van in sight. Maybe the gods are with me and I will be as lucky as the BBC journalist who charged at the lion or I will be mauled by the lions of this town but then again fear never took anybody anywhere – courage did.

The reemergence of gangs in this town is something that the residents of this town should not take lightly as it is going to water down the developments that we have worked hard for since the 2007/2008 post election violence brought this County to its knees. We have made such huge strides that we must never allow gangs supported by politicians from other regions to cause havoc in this town like Americana and China squad are trying to do.

The inability of the police and the provincial administrators to take stern action against these gangs such that they can even cause havoc at a police station like they did yesterday is something that leaves us with more questions than answers.

Who really are the faces behind these gangs?

Several allegations are also doing rounds about the gangs’ affiliations to top politicians from other regions who are said to be bankrolling their activities. This should be cause for alarm coming just months to the general elections and the security apparatus in this town should take these allegations seriously and investigate their authenticity lest we have a repeat of the chaos witnessed in 2007/2008 this time the only difference will be groups of youth from the same town engaging in retaliatory attacks.

And they seem to have learnt from the best…like Mungiki they have also created extortion rings demanding protection fees from business owners, matatus and tuk tuks plying the routes they control. All these done in broad daylight and presumed knowledge of our security apparatus.

The downside of this  development is what it is capable of doing to the economy of this county that is now on a recovery path. The flourishing of gangs will no doubt dampen investor confidence and slur the growth of this county something that might be a welcome development to cartels that are not keen on seeing this county grow for their own personal and political reasons.

This is why I am on the  plain charging against a lion that might not be scared by my courage but for the bigger good this has to be done. This is what one Eston Kwach taught me to do best during my days in media school. So very soon I will emerge with an expose…this is not a warning shot, I am just putting the pieces I already have together, the most dangerous part is gone…what will follow when I’m published is what I can’t tell but again fear never took anyone anywhere!

Here I go…all you can do is wish me luck “nisipigwe kama burukenge.”



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