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Kenyans never cease to amaze me

Kenya is one country with a lot of funny people – well not funny like Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchil or Erick Omondi but funny in their own way, at least those on social media are.

Another thing I realized is that ogling is not a man thing…in fact our women folk seem to have perfected the art more than us. Jana as one Peter Keneth (whom I think should be our next Commander In Chief) was launching his presidential campaign with a rather sloppy tagline our ladies were ogling at his son Andrew Kenneth. Really?

I thought we were watching the launch to see what he has to offer us buh here our ladies were sending baby making proposals to his son instead. Within a few minutes the Tunawesmek slogan soon changed to Tunawesmake babies na Andrew Kenneth….really? Sample these tweets:

Okay that was not the screen shot I wanted (I know u r asking why din’t I just chuck it out and replace it with the one I wanted – well you can do that yourself! go to twitter and type #Andrew Kenneth on ther search then select all).

Moving on swiftly, I think that if we retire all the old men and voted Peter Kenneth as our next president we will have the Kenya we want. He might have made a slight error in his slogan (by the way if you can’t even get a simple thing as a slogan right, who knows how many things you wont get right?) buh compared to the rest of the folks we have with better slogans, he is the best presidential candidate Kenya has.

I wish we could all see beyond our tribal heroes and looked at his vision for this country as clearly put in a simple 5 point strategy on . This is when we will have the Kenya we want. Have a great week guys, won’t you?



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