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Costume Party @ Cafe Ole

You are probably sitting in front of your computer, staring at it as though you have seen a burukenge somewhere inside it and wishing that 5.00 pm could come faster. Well time travel is not one of my areas of expertise and so we are still stuck with the 3.00 pm that it is as I am writing this piece. What I can offer you though is plot for the evening once you leave the office or wherever else where you are keeping yourself busy.

I know it is a big day for Kenya and the rest of the world and there is no better way to celebrate it that converging at Cafe Ole, the newest and coolest joint in town for the Costume Party. For the very first time in Kisumu City, Cafe Ole is hosting a costume party – well you are probably asking why we din’t do this during Haloween? This is Kisumu and we run it – we do what we want, when we want lol.

So get off the office come dressed up in a costume of your choice and if your office clad looks like a costume you can come dressed in that too. The door opens at 7.00 pm buh you can check in earlier coz you never know….

Costumes of all forms are allowed you can come in dressed like Mitt Romney, burukenge or ochunglo…buh remember the old saying that “if it walks like a duck. quacks like a duck then it probably is a …burukenge so please as much as you are allowed to come in any costume please don’t act like it IOW what am saying is leave your Burukenge attitude at home.

Your MC for the night will be one Dave Ngiri Odira. I wonder what costume he’ll be wearing buh then again he doesn’t need a costume coz he already looks like one. Dj Herbo will be in charge of your music as the beautiful waitresses make sure your throat doesn’t run dry.

Put your creative caps on and remember the person with the best costume will get a surprise gift. See you at 7.00pm.

For  those who don’t know Cafe Ole is at United Mall next to the food courts.



  • Denis Nyakach Reply

    November 7, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Wish I can do this, but am outta Kisumu till Friday, hope al make it to the Friday event!

    All the best guys!


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