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The Price of Tribal Politics – Lest we forget

Every so often Kenyans have played tribal politics and in 2007 it led our beloved country to the dogs. Today  we are at it again like we have forgotten what became of our country the last time we did this. Our politicians are shamelessly tearing this country apart and we can’t blame them because in our silence we allow them to.
It is time we stood up and reminded each other of where we took this country by supporting two antagonistic political sides in 2007. Maybe this calls for a change…maybe this calls for voting in someone else to state house other than politicians who are bound to do nothing but tear us apart along tribal lines again.
I just registered to vote in the coming election but i do not want my vote to be the source of pain and anguish for millions of Kenyans in 2013. The rate at which we are getting polarized is alarming and come 2013 March, the events of 2007/2008 might as well look like “a Christmas party” like someone once said.
This is why I decided to share with you Boniface Mwangi’s photos from his e-book “The price of tribal Politics – the story of Kenya’s post election violence through the lens of a photojournalist.”

Most of the people we see in these disturbing photographs only committed one crime: belonging to their tribes which according to their surrounding was the “wrong tribe.”

Our tribes are here to stay, they make us who we are but shouldn’t that diversity be something to celebrate and share other than something that divides us?

So as you register to vote, think about what your vote is going to do for this country. At times its better not to vote for your favorite candidate if doing so will end up dividing this lovely country. We should never let this happen again!

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Photo credits: Boniface Mwangi, Picha Mtaani, Internet Sources

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  • Denis Nyakach Reply

    November 20, 2012 at 4:59 am

    A very sad reminder how we took our motherland to the dogs. Enough is enough!


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