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I choose Peace, I choose unity, I choose Kenya

Somewhere in the middle of Mlango Kubwa lies a flat that marked a very important step in my life in Nairobi. On the second floor of that flat, theres a room no 20. Inside the room there is a stove, 3 sufuria a bed and a suite case. That’s my house in the year 2009. On the same flat, 5th floor, there is another almost similar room but the occupants are lucky to have a gas cooker and a double deck bed. The occupants of this room are the most important people I have ever met since I came to Nairobi in 2007.

They are from western. Two brothers and a friend living together in this room. Next to their room there is another room that hosts two brothers. On 6th floor there are two sisters and their house help from nyanza. That comprised of my Nairobi family. Every day was a party day for us. We used to cook in 5th floor..( kwa kina Gidi )since they had a gas cooker. I would come from work with sukuma wiki, pass my abode on 2nd floor and go straight to 5th floor. We would all sit on the bed and happily share ugali. Either of us will have cooked. 
On Sunday afternoon after we have all done laundry, we would go to a near joint and watch Manchester play Arsenal or just sit on the balcony and share our future aspirations. I and Gidi had done almost every odd job in this world and were still willing to do more. At least by then, Caleb and Mose had a respectable job in town. I also had landed a job as a receptionist in town. Jere, Frank, Ruth and Gidi were university students and doing some freelance writing to make all our ends meet. Life was so good. We were one happy family and nothing could come between us.
 I remember a day I went to Thika and came back with a half kg roasted pork… I had to call Gidi and tell him to prepare Ugali so that we all share the pork!. The Christmas holiday was even exciting. Gidi, Mose, Caleb and the sisters had traveled home. We were left with Frank, Jere and a friend who had visited Frank from Karatina. We shared our Ugali madodo then waited until 12 for the Savior to be born! New year still found us together as no one had fare to travel home. Our problems had united us to an extent that I almost fell in love with Jere… lol.

A few Minutes before New year, we all sat down to write our new year resolutions. Frank wanted to get married as well as start attending Church. Jere wanted to stay focused on his engineering course at JKUAT and I wanted to Dedicate my life to God and move out of Mlango kubwa. New year came and we tossed a glass of black coffee. The mornings came yet our friendship grew stronger. Ruto ditched ODM, Martha Karua resigned from cabinet etc yet this dint affect our daily lives at Mlango kubwa.

 In mid year, Caleb and his brother moved to Umoja.. Mose moved with his wife to Westlands… before the year ended Jere got an internship and moved from Nairobi. Frank moved to Pangani. I also moved to Pangani and by then I had fully given my life to Christ and was c ommitted to service. We were all doing good in life and we are still in touch. Where moved to, my next door neighbor is a Kenyan Somali. The lady is our grandmother in the plot. Her granddaughter Fatuma is my daughter’s best friend. A guy from Nyanza is the one who fixes my electronics whenever they have a problem. He is the best neighbor ever.
On Saturday, there was a blast in EASTLEIGH and communities attacked those of Somali origin. This got me thinking… Should I attack Nyanya who bake us mandazis in the morning? Should I tell my daughter not to play with Fatuma? When Elections come, Should I attack Jere and Gidi because they come from Western and I come from Rift Valley?. These are my family despite them coming from different communities. There were people from my community in mlango kubwa, there are people from my community in Pangani yet Mama Fatuma is more of family, Yet Gidi is more of a brother than Kamau. Today if I need assistance, Gidi will give up everything else to just be with me. If Frank is hurting, my world would stop to just make sure Hes fine. Kibaki is from my community yet I would run to Gidi, a Luhyia when am in need. Uhuru is from my community yet I would run to Fatuma when I need something. When my house is broken into (God forbid) it is Ochieng who would come to my rescue.

Kenyans, it is about time we open our eyes and focus on things that unite us than what divides us. If today I was asked what unite us, I would say its our common dreams and goals. What divides us is our greed and mistrust that is put in our minds by selfish leaders. I choose to relate with all Kenyans despite their community.
I choose to liberate my mind from negative ethnicity.
I choose peace
I choose Unity.
I choose KENYA.



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