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Where are Kenyans in these coalitions?

The season of coalitions is here again…since 2002 Kenya’s political climate changed and gave birth to a new season called coalitions and it began with the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) which was formed with one aim – remove Moi from power.

Even though Moi was not running for a 5th term, beating Uhuru was like beating Moi back in the day and that was NARC’s main agenda in their manifesto. The same was repeated in 2007 when preventing Raila from getting to statehouse was yet again another agenda which culminated in the death of thousands and displacement of hundreds of thousands.
Yesterday saw the launch of TNA-URP coalition and today that of ODM-WDM-New FORD K with each of the pre-election pacts detailing how the parties involved will share government positions. I am not against coalitions, NO! I believe in coalitions but not the kinds that we are having or the kind that we have had before.

Our coalitions are not based on harmonizing the different political parties development agenda but rather crafting a formula that will ensure that the politicians involved (read tribal kingpins) get to be in the next government. Nothing for you and me!
It’s funny to know what happens during those negotiations….how do you think they get to decide who runs for president and who takes the running mates position? Simple!! The population of your tribe is the magic science behind this. Believe it or not but whoever command a majority following in his tribe becomes the coalitions defacto leader! In simple English we are used as bargaining chips but we don’t get anything out of it!!
True, very true! Accept it or not but Uhuru is the leader of his coalition with Ruto coz his tribe holds a majority vote in terms of population, and why is Ruto and not Mwakwere the running mate? The same formula applies! The same is also happening in ODM-WDM and New Ford K pact, Raila’s worthiness to lead the coalition is based on the size of the Luo vote!

So why are Uhuru and Raila running for presidency? Uhuru is running so that Raila won’t become the next president and Raila is running because he believes he must be the next president – not because he has anything good planned for you and me. Get it now, neither of them have Kenya’s best interest at heart!

So where are we in all these, the politicians have sold our votes to award themselves positions in the next government and we endure crappy weather at political rallies to listen and cheer at them but they have for us. Apart from getting to statehouse and rewarding their cronies how does you and me benefit?
This is exactly why we should think beyond our tribes and vote for people with leadership qualities even if they don’t come from our tribes. People with a real agenda for us who tell us not just what they will do for us when they get elected but those who have an elaborate plan that ensures the delivery of their promises.
Choose wisely. God Bless Kenya

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