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How Peter Kenneth lost my vote

Peter Kenneth was one politician whose presidential ambition was somewhat taken with a pinch of salt. Nobody took this guy to be a serous contender to the extent that some opinion polls did not even rank him.

All that changed with the launch of Tunawesmake campaign in which a majority of young Kenyans saw him as a leader who represented their hopes and aspirations. He was offering something different – what young Kenyans seem to have been looking for (am not talking about his son here).

He was the face of Kenya – not some tribal warlord and for once we thought here is someone we can force to state house. I intentionally use the word force because this politician was kinda not sure of himself as capable of winning the elections but we fell in love with his 5 point strategy and his youthfulness that reminded us of Barrack Obama.

Little did we know that after we believed in him he will trade our votes for a political pact with Musalia Mudavadi to form a coalition. What made him think that he could not go it alone like Martha Karua is going and win the elections? We had his back all the way for Christ’s sake!

Today he is just as despicable to me as the rest of the politicians are…maybe I should have stuck to Martha Karua but then again its not too late for me to go back to SimamaNaMama and I hope she will accept me back as the prodigal son.

Look, I am not against coalitions but I am against unions that are made for the sole reason of clinching power. Why wudn’t PK make Mudavadi his running mate instead of the other way round? Simple, PK does not hold any tribal voting block buh Mudavadi does!! Hatuwesmake.

Think…think…think.. don’t let your vote be sold in coalitions of greed. Vote wisely. Say yes to peace.

God bless Kenya.

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  • Denis Nyakach Reply

    December 4, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    MM has even ditched him, and is with UhuRuto, bado Tunawesmake.

  • Samson Ogola Reply

    October 3, 2013 at 4:39 am

    Though this post captures a past event, I must say it assumed a lot of facts. As one of Kenneth's supporter (Regional Organizer to be precise) I can confirm that he never had a pact with Mudavadi.. He was being enticed to do so though.. I voted him and still enjoy the satisfaction!

    On the brighter side. Congratulations on being the the Best Political Blog in Kenya.
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