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KTN Prime back with a bang!!

KTN Prime have finally gotten the news team that will see them reclaim the prestigious 1st position they had not more than 5 years ago until they lost most of its finest presenters such as Swaleh Mdoe, Beatrice Marshal, Louis Otieno, Janet Mbugua, Lilian Muli, John-Allan Namu and Mohamed Ali among others.

KTN’s fortunes started changing for the better when the network began its poaching campaign when they captured Nation Media Group’s HRM who was very instrumental in bringing back Mohamed Ali who had just jumped ship less than two months ago and has now added other names like Bernard Omondi (formerly Coast Reporter NTV) and Lindah Ogutu (aka miss hips) both whom début on air tonight. Others include Rita Tinina(Senior Reporter), Joe Ageyo (News Editor), James Smat (Anchor) and Smirti Vidyathi.

Word on the street is that Citizen TV’s Tom Mboya and Lilian Muli Kanene and NTV’s John-Allan Namu are also on their way back to KTN and may be making their debut in the next few weeks.

KTN might have just found the correct formula for the dose that was needed to wake the sleeping giant and other media houses are in shivers as word on the street is that the new HRM has what looks like a blank cheque and is offering packs that might just be hard for other media houses to match.

Well they might have bounced back in the news department but to capture the No.1 seat in overall viewer ratings then they need to also up their game in other programs especially through investing in quality local productions.

Maybe I should get back to the media…what do you think?

Update: I can now confirm that John Allan Namu is back at KTN. Namu has already resumed duties at KTN and this morning, he was assigned to cover the signing of the pre-election pact between ODM, WDM and Ford Kenya at the KICC. He even took to tweet in the middle of his assignment, “First assignment back at @KTNKenya, signing of pre-election pact btw ODM, WDM and Ford Kenya. Interesting times for politics”

Photos: Lindah Ogutu, and other online sources

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