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Funny times we live in

They say there are two sides to a coin – that is what you get from an average mind, I say there are three sides to every coin – heads, tails and let’s not forget the sides. The average mind tells you to think outside the box, I tell you to throw away the box. When you think outside the box, some side of that box still blocks your vision so I tell you to throw it away and have a 360 degrees view of your environment.

A lot has been said in the past 36 hours, some bad, some nasty and some downright ugly – but then there is the third side of that coin that reminds you that everything has a reason behind it and if anything that has gone down is anything to go by – this has been a blessing in disguise.

There comes a time when change is inevitable and when you can’t change on your own forces beyond your control come to play and you ask yourself why all this is happening right now then when you look deeper and see things unfold around you and you come to terms with reality – we live in interesting times when people would rather be captives of their desire to please their narrow minds than throw away the box and think critically – but then again, why believe something else when what is before me makes so much sense – what if it was intended to make false sense and you are now a happy fool.

A narrow mind sits behind a computer and manufactures stories, an even narrower mind sits behind another computer or phone and spreads the rumor then the most narrow mind without looking at any facts begins to point fingers at innocent individuals. In no time the court of public opinion is full and the accused is being tried and sentenced without being heard – thank God our legal system does not work in the same way.

Anyway when all this is done, I am looking forward to lowering myself to the level I have been put at and really show the world if I was to write such a blog what would be my content and God knows I have probably not just two pages put several posts. No need to hide behind fake blog names, just do it in the open and make sure I get all the credits. That I will do (you can take that to the bank) then you can compare it with the fake blog coz mine won’t have incoherencies and half truths. And y’all know nobody will take me anywhere because if it’s true it isn’t defamation (look for legal opinion if you think I’m bluffing).

Final word I have been let down by the people I counted on but then that’s life as we know it. Get ready for the real exposure, mine will be signed with my name in CAPS.

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  • Denis Nyakach Reply

    March 13, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    Yeah bro, say it as it is. They will eventually find the places they belong, don't fret at the wannabe bloggers.

    All best buddy!


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