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Open letter to Francis Kimemia

Dear Mr. Kimemia (wait is it Hon. Kimemia? You see I have a problem with your tittle but let me move on).

In my school days we were taught about great Kenyan leaders who fought for our independence from the colonialists. You see in those days there were civil servants too, some of them were DCs, DOs and so on but little if any is said about them in history books.

I am a fairly young man, I am yet to hit the magic 30 and that means I also studied post colonial history where we were taught about reformers who fought for our country’s liberation. During that time we had Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and so on but again they rarely feature anywhere in our history books apart from some footnotes here and there.

You see Mr. Kimemia, your position is not permanent. What really matter is what you do with it while holding that office. It’s the kind of office that no one remembers you after you are out of it. Take your predecessor for instance – funny you share a first name but how many people remember him today? I don’t want to mention what he had to go through before leaving that office sir because I am aware you know better.

You see people like Raila Odinga will be alive long after they are dead and buried. One hundred years from now, kids whose parents have not even been born will be reading about Raila Odinga in their history classes but I wonder what space in their syllabus your name will take.

You see Sir, historians are already writing about his detention by Moi, his asylum in Russia, his fight for multi-party democracy in Kenya. His March 16th merger with Moi and the subsequent break-out together with former KANU die-hards. His endorsement of Mwai Kibaki and the subsequent fallout. How he led Kenyans to reject Wako Draft…how he won the 2007 elections and latter settled for the PM’s position for the sake of peace in our land. How he lost the 2013 elections to Uhuru…and I can go on forever. Even if they were to write, what would they write about you Sir?

Maybe I should now get to the point… I hear Raila Odinga and his family have been denied access to VIP Lounges at the airport. Is that fair? He is the former PM…you have accorded him state security so what about a little thing as access to a lounge?

You see its not like he is going to steal the seats or anything…he just deserves a little dignity. Yes and I know about the GoK VIP lounge and the other private VIP lounge but if you can give him state security why not allow him access to that part of the airport.

Finally, history is not usually very kind. You are sitting in a hot seat and many people who’ve sat there before have many stories that did not end well. My advice is tread with caution sir, don’t get drunk with power.

Another Hustler



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