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It’s time for another Mandela to rise up

It is no doubt that the world’s most celebrated man alive today is an African. A continent which for decades has been known as a dark continent due to its myriads of problems ranging from civil strife to poverty and illiteracy.

This continent however gave birth to the world’s greatest man today whom even as he faces his sunset days on this planet, is still revered and respected; Nelson Mandela. I know some will think that I am being a little bit insensitive here but the truth is that Madiba will soon leave us and how we take his departure is a choice that we all need to start making.

I choose to celebrate his life and hope that the world will soon find another Mandela out of this beautiful continent called Africa.

I want to believe that Mandela was not born alone…from Cairo to Cape Town and all across this continent there have been numerous Mandelas but only one stood up to reclaim his position…NO, our position in the face of this world.

So as we prepare our hearts albeit very painfully to let Mandela go we must prepare ourselves to also let the Mandela spirit live in each and everyone of us. The next Nelson Mandela could be you or me. It’s time to let the Mandela spirit rise up in every corner of this continent and liberate us from modern apartheid that comes in the form of poverty, tribalism, hunger, diseases and illiteracy.

Let Mandela rise up in you!!

Long live the Mandela Spirit

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