It’s time for Willy Mutunga to bow out honorably

It is indeed time for the Chief justice to bow out (this time I omit the word “honorably). There is nothing honorable about his actions (or lack of) in the last few weeks.

When Dr. Mutunga was appointed CJ, Kenya was ripe with hope that at long last we will indeed eat the fruits of an autonomous judiciary. That hope was very short lived because soon it was business as usual in the corridors of justice.

If Dr. Mutunga’s rulling on the presidential election was anything to go by, the state is still so much in bed with the judiciary. The same has been propagated under the CJ’s watch as his junior officers in high courts all over the country are subjected to interference from the government of the day in determining petitions against elected CORD representatives.

I have previously written about Dr. Mutunga’s rulling on the election petition and you can read that here.

So instead of an autonomous judiciary Kenyans have ended up with an all powerful chief justice who operates as if he is “above the law”, to the extent of referring to himself as “Commander-in-Chief”  with his own “army” drafted to fight personal wars with colleagues in the judiciary.

The manner in which the Chief Justice has conducted the inquest into the allegations against the Supreme Court Registrar Gladys Sholei screams of incompetence, lack of leadership and impunity.

The late night exchange of e-mails between the CJ and his so called “Generals” if nothing exhibits the highest order of abuse of office and disregard for judicial or other forms of official investigative mechanisms. anyone who read the said leaked e-mails will believe me when I say that Dr. Mutunga and his team have lost the moral authority to preside over the said inquiry.

The vested personal interest in the said investigations and the manner in which he secretly orchestrated the developments in the Judiciary clearly indicate that he is not fit to head that noble institution. His judges in the court of appeal have shown total disregard to his leadership by openly challenging his directions.

Maybe bringing in someone from the outside to head the Judiciary wasn’t really a smart move after all. The public have also lost confidence in Dr. Mutunga and the Judiciary Service Commission and it is time that he lead his team in the JSC out of the Judiciary before Kenyans start demanding for his resignation.

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