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Secrets to dating older women

You are probably concerned that of late I am writing a lot about relationships, well there is no harm in doing something a little different from what you are used to. This week one of the huge stories doing rounds is that of the 21 year old boy who was murdered by his 34 year old girlfriend due to an alleged affair he was having with another woman of about 30. If this boy had paid attention to a few of these things he would still be looking forward to his 22nd birthday.

Over a decade ago, it was a very rare thing to find a guy dating an older woman. Today it’s very common place even with TV shows about it (Cougar Town). Young men are increasingly hooking up with older women for various reasons ranging from financial, sexual bliss to the old fashioned natural attraction. Whatever the case maybe there are a few common tips that will ensure that you get the best out of your relationship with an older woman.

It is important to know that not every older woman out there is looking for a sexual adventure. Today many women dating younger men look forward to a serious relationship.

1. Find someone on the same energy level as you

I am not talking about sex here but rather someone who will easily accommodate your lifestyle. This is very easy if the age difference (gap) between you is not so much. To me something bellow 5 years will be ideal. This is someone who was your age just the other day and can still understand most of what you do. You probably still love the same things. If you are a party guy she probably doesn’t mind partying a little and even if she does she will always give you that space. I have thee times dated chics who were just two years older than me and everything worked well if not for usual relationship issues (no one died). I once tried seven years and it could not go beyond one month – you get what I mean?

 2. Be assertive

There is nothing women find sexier than a man who knows what he wants. Do not be shy, be direct and ask her out with confidence.

3. Avoid labels

Don’t make any reference to her with derogatory terms like “cougar” or “sugar mummy” even if she is one, she will find it offensive. (For the record I have never dated a sugar mummy so I don’t know how to handle one).

4. She knows she is older, don’t remind her

Just because she is older doesn’t mean that you have the right to treat her like crap. If it is a woman looking for a serious relationship she will expect almost as much of you like a younger girl would. Do your thing, pay your bills and make her feel special. She might be earning a little more than you but taking care of yourself makes her respect you and attracted to you even more.

If in any case you have to move in together make sure that you support her with finances – don’t go beyond your means but also don’t sit on your ass.

Like I said before she expects as much from you as your 16 year old girlfriend would so buy her gifts and flowers as much as your finances allow.

4.  Do not rush things

I have said it before and I will said it again now – sex with an older woman is amazing. Most definitely hotter than anything you have ever had before. Take your time to get to know her out of the bedroom, know what she likes and follow through.

5. Let your actions speak louder than your words

A mature woman has seen (and heard) it all, she won’t give in to empty words. Do what you say you are going to do and always mean what you say otherwise she’ll hit delete very first.

6. Be faithful to her

She has probably been cheated on by guys her on age more times than you can imagine, trust me she won’t take if from a kid! If you are unlucky like our friend mentioned earlier it might cost you your life. Just because she is older doesn’t give you the right to walk on her, you are not doing her a favor so treat her right. Unless both of you agreed to be non-exclusive in which case this last but very important rule won’t apply.

That looks like a lot of hard work, yeah? Well  these kind of relationships are not for everyone.  

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