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Another bunch of useless things you don’t have to know but I’ll tell you anyway

Legalizing Marijuana

I woke up this morning to watch AC360 on CNN which is one of my favorite TV talk shows and today they had a panelist of  six discussing whether other American states should go the Colorado way and legalize the herb. I am just wondering when Kenyans will get to have this debate because a lot of the bad press marijuana is getting is actually mythical and not scientific at all.

 Of course most of the panelists in the AC360 show hosted by Anderson Cooper were against legalizing marijuana apart from one who was openly for it. What is clear though is that tobacco and alcohol are legal in most societies in the world but they are indeed more harmful than marijuana.

My verdict: Legalize the herb!!

Gunner for life

Last night we played a combined team of Dortmund, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool and the amazing thing is that we beat them all!! Everybody expected us to loose but they forgot it’s Arsenal playing. That was a convincing victory and I hope the noisemakers have been put in their place.

Somebody killed Arafat

I am seeing things getting crazy in the middle East in the next few weeks following the discovery that the late Palestinian leader might have been poisoned by polonium – now for those who dint pay attention in their chemistry classes that is a very highly radio-active substance that causes cancer-like symptoms to appear on a victim. It is a poison of choice for many intelligence agencies such as Mussad (Israeli) and KGB (Russia). This one looks like Israel have their hands full.

Somebody ban Nyamira Express from our roads

I haven’t been a fan of Engineer Kamau Logic but for once I want that guy to ban Nyamira Express from our roads. I think there is something wrong with people boarding those buses as well coz whenever I see any of them I know that is a death machine! The way those buses are driven….it’s no surprise that yesterday they had an accident between themselves. Once I was almost involved in a crush with them on my way from Rongo to Kisumu as one of them was overtaking dangerously. I had to get out of the road to avoid a head on coalition, the matatu behind me was not that lucky and several people died in the Sunday accident that occurred just a few meters from Suneka market.

My weekend starts in five hours

This is the most useless part of this post but hey…I got to floss a bit :-). Heading to Nairobi then to Nanyuki for the WordCamp organized by WordPress for Kenyan bloggers and content creators. I am looking forward to a lot of fun at the foot of Mt. Kenya but it will be such a hustle as I will also be attending the Latitude Lounge 3rd anniversary party at Latitude Lounge Buruburu on Saturday night. I can’t miss that chance to hook up with my homeboyz Edward Kwatch (Easy FM), Nick Odhiambo (Classic Fm) and of course CEO himself. If you are in Nairobi let’s meet and pop some champagne!!

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