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OMINDE’S LIST: Kisumu’s Top Ten Badass Deejays

There are Djs ….then there are entertainers…..

I would have loved to include DJ BAY NAY OC, DJ KLUTCH and DJ WELLZ in this list but they have moved towns so that’s all they get from me today – a mention! DAVY RANKS once said that he is an MC not a Dj after not winning the 2012 Vybz Awards competition so I also don’t want to rank him as one lest he complains. Allow me to big up Dj Sway as well. So let’s get to it already!!

of Farenheight Lounge…can be a great Dj if he wanted to but doesn’t seem to pay keen attention to his work. Looks like a nigger who would switch deejaying for another job if it was better paying. I don’t see the passion in him. He is also notorious for repeating songs when he is playing and repeating playlists. He could do so much with branding himself as well.

is the resident Dj at Latitude Lounge Kisumu. He took over from Dj Basil who moved over to Club Samba. DjPritt is a great music who can really play a wide range of genres of music and seems to know how to read the party mood. DjPritt finds himself in this end of my list because he is new in Kisumu and quite a lot of guys are not exposed to his style. He is a graduate from Egerton University where he trained as a teacher. I would say he is the Dj to watch in Kisumu because I am sure he will be in top 3 if I am to do this again next Easter. He could do some work on his publicity and branding though – image is everything they say!!

8. DJ ED OG ofBarcadia Lounge is one of Kisumu’s veteran Djs – no wonder no other Dj in this town can beat him when it comes to playing Old Skool music. He is also very good and playing Vinyl Records (sahani) something that most of our Virtual Dj and Scratch Live Djs of today can’t do. I trust any Dj who can handle Vinyl! ED OG still thrives on his branding as an House of Funk Dj…that is something he needs to work on. Rebranding will help him appeal more to the new generation of party animals and maybe embrace new skool music as well.

7. DJ MOZZ of Club Whistles….started by playing Reggae at Club Schona and moved to H-Club but finally has come to town and is based at Whistles and occasionally plays at Whistles Kericho too.He is one Dj who loves life and loves big bikes and I’m sure he is another one to look for. DjMozz like other Kisumu Djsneed to work on his branding and publicity. Take full adavantage of social media make mixtapes and drop them on mixcrate so that you can show us what you are made of.

6. DJ BASIL of Club Samba is another up and coming Dj who is going places…just a little passion and branding will take him places. Basil is however a bit rigit with his playlist and should learn to play for the masses not for himself.

5. DJ SOLLY akaSolly Gaya brings us to the Big FIVE. A great Dj with image problems. Word is that he never sticks around that much but he indeed plays good music. Doing poor on his branding as well. He is currently the resident Dj at Club Samba.

aka DJ HERBO this is probably Kisumu’s finest Dj but bilaz hype he finds himself at position four in my list. He is another Kisumu Dj who is a master of the Vinyl (you know me and vinyl). He is nothing but pure niceness when he spins dancehall. He played at Café Ole and all the other clubs associated with the family but has since decided to try things outside the family. He is the resident Dj at BOOTLEGGERS. His branding and publicity is also very poor.

this is one of the few Kisumu Artists who have mastered the art of branding. Associating with the likes of Dj Joe Mfalme has probably taught him a thing or two about image. AndieBigmitch is also doing a great job at promoting him on social media. He is the resident Dj at Signature.

is another Dj who has mastered thae art of branding. Another protégée of Dj Joe Mfalme and he recently thrilled Djs at the Pioneer Dj Convention in Nairobi including Dj Joe himself with crazy mixes and beat juggling techniques. He is a master of the branding act with very active facebook and twitter accounts. This is a must for any Dj worth their salt. I dare say if you are a Dj you gotta get yourself a twitter account if you wanna be respected beyond Kisumu. I think he is the Dj who will come out of Kisumu to rock the entire country. He just graduated from Maseno University last week.

1. The ultimate King of the Decks in Kisumu is most definitely DJ SLIM of club Signature. His is a true description of the saying “from the botton to the top.” Slim started Deejaying at Tamiez Club where according to my sources he was never a favorite but would stand in for Bobby Stwert who was the resident Dj back then. Today Bob is more into management than Deejaying. Slim’s persistence has brought him this far and his embracing of branding and social media is top notch. There is always room for improvements though. Slim is also a Dj at Signature alongside DjTibz and also plays at Signature Eldoret. Among his top accolades include winning Vybez Awards Dj of the year 2013 and he was appointed the Regional Chairperson of Deejays Association of Kenya –Western Kenya chapter at the Pioneer East Africa Dj Convention.

Now it’s time to pay some bills….Kisumu allow me to introduce you to the newest beer in town – SKOL. We have all heard of SKOL the song by KoffiOlomide but most of us din’t know that he was singing praises for this great product of the diaspora.

SKOL is a FRENCH BEER brewed to international standards and has no added sugars meaning that even after a heavy indulgence you don’t have to worry about hangovers. It is currently being sold in Kisumu in 500ml cans that are available at leading Clubs and Bars all over town at a price that range between Ksh. 200 – Ksh. 250. SKOL contains 5.5% alcohol.

Why don’t you ask for SKOL tonight at your favorite joint and let me know your experience.

  This Post is Powered by SKOL premium beer, now available in Kisumu at leading clubs and supermarkets.  
Views expressed are my own!!
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  • Angell Khayusi Reply

    December 19, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Great article. But hot darn! ED-OG at no. 8??! He's better than some katts you've put above him.

  • Angell Khayusi Reply

    December 19, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Great article. But hot darn! ED-OG at no. 8??! He's better than some katts you've put above him.

  • Anonymous Reply

    February 11, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    SKOL is a danish beer made by Carlsberg. Maybe facts and research would help? SMH

  • Anonymous Reply

    September 29, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Walk around nd get to know of other djz who am very sure ate better STL in kisumu

  • Anonymous Reply

    October 1, 2014 at 11:52 am

    not thoroughly researched I guess its your opinion…a flop same to socialites


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