OMINDE’S LIST: Kisumu’s Top Ten Badass artists

After doing Kisumu’s Top Ten Badass Clubs (read it here) and Kisumu’s Top Ten Badass Deejays (read it here), there was an increasing pressure for me to continue with the series of Kisumu’s most enviable artists in the Music Industry. For a while I even toyed with a list of Kisumu artists and tried to rank them and in the process I found out that there is nothing worth ranking in Kisumu’s music industry.

Hate me or love me but that’s the true sh*t!!

Kisumu’s music industry was way much better in 1998 till early 2000s than it is today. Those were the days we produced household names like Gidigidi Majimaji, Lake Station aka Jomeness Boys na Band, Katskillz aka Jerry Joe and Klan D among other top groups that drew a huge following from all over the nation…allow me to mention
alongside these great artists.

Everybody in Kenya danced to “Ting Badi Malo”, we all loved “Ubwogable”…then there was “Nyatingli” and the list is just endless.

Today we have people calling themselves King Wa Rap others King Wa Dancehall but nobody in Kisii can sing along to their songs…it doesnt matter how many times your song is played on Mambo Mseto or how many Vybez Awards trophies you win, if a small kid can’t sing along to your song – hauko!!

It’s time our artists invested in good music….our producers should also invest in good quality equipment otherwise you will only have Radio Sahara playing your songs and you are happy you are a star – a star with studio hits? Wonder why not a single Kisumu artist performed at the Niko na Safaricom concert? If you ask me, y’all should be singing “Ohangla” or something – coz that is the only kind of music that hits from this region!

I am not hating…those who know me well know how much I support good art. It’s time though I said some truth.

Urban Radio 102.5 fm is here and Kisumu artists can take advantage of this because this is one radio station with big names behind it and a station that is competing the best in the game – the likes of Capital, Kiss, One Fm, Homeboyz Radio, Kiss. They just won’t play your song coz you are from Kisumu – their process is as rigorous as ever!! Good music…good music…good music.

A llow me to give a shout out to Ujoc of Bermuda Records though, that is the only producer worth his salt in K-City. Ma producer wa Kisumu lakini mambo za ma bedroom studios tu upgrade tukuwe more professional hata kama inabidi you charge more…ngoma za 4K hazitamake joh!!

As it is, there is no BADASS ARTIST in Kisumu – Endo of Story

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