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Gay rights are human rights!!

What Uganda did was wrong…that is a route that Kenya should not take. An anti gay bill will do nothing but further divide us and create unnecessary violence towards a part of our population that also need to enjoy their rights and freedom. Our politicians must avoid the temptation to pass laws just for the sake of being popular with the electorate.

For a long time our religious leaders have been pushing parliament to pass laws against homosexuality. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with being gay. To me this notion being passed around that it is not biblical does not hold water for me.

It is time that we stopped reasoning based on religious beliefs in this nation and accept that we are living in 2014 not in 1500 B.C…not everybody believes in God and please let no one give me that talk of Kenya having a 80% Christian population. Our constitution expressly states that Kenya is a secular state and that “there shall be no state religion.” So let’s argue on facts?

What is it we don’t like about homosexuals?

Some will say it is not natural…who says heterosexuality is natural? I believe to the LGBT community that is unnatural too.

This is all about what we are comfortable with and nothing to do with religion or laws. Gay rights are human rights and they have to be respected as well.

Sexuality like Museveni said is a choice, some choose to be straight others choose to be queer…who are we to judge.

As Kenyans (and Africans) we are a society that do not have respect for diversity. This is why we are still having huge problems with ethnicity and religious conflicts. Gay people have a right to enjoy their lives just like those of us who are heterosexuals, we all have to protect and advocate for their rights with as much vigor that we use to advocate for other social rights.

Why is it that when we see gay people the first thing that comes to our mind is how they engage in sex? Why don’t we think of sex when we see a straight couple?

I am straight but if my son came to me one day and told me daddy I am gay, I would happily embrace him because he has made a choice for himself on what makes him happy.

But even as we advocate for gay rights, it is also imperative that the LGBT community do not put it all in our faces. We are a conservative society, we would like to co-exist and just like we have a problem with public displays of affection between straight couples we will also have problems with public displays of affection between gay couples – rights have responsibilities.

It is your right to be who you are, if you are gay go out there and live your life!!

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