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Fight insecurity not CORD

For some reason Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are finding it difficult to believe that they are now in charge of the government and keep blaming Raila Odinga and his CORD coalition for their failure to deliver on their per-election pledges and the rudimentary expectations (if I may call them that) that Kenyans have of their government of the day.

With their reaction of taking every podium opportunity they get to respond to CORD, the two leaders and politicians in their corner are falling exactly into CORD’s trap  and at the end of they day failing to deliver on the mandate that they were given by over 6 million Kenyan voters on 4th March 2013.

The biggest concern Kenyans have right now is their security and the government has to be seen to be doing something to tame the crime wave in this country. Far from that though, the government and it’s operatives have taken every opportunity they have to recklessly swing the blame in CORD’s way. By doing that they are in fact making us think twice about who is really in charge of this country.

CORD is in the opposition and it is their work to ensure that they keep the government on it’s toes by challenging it’s decision whether they have a reason to or not – to them it’s all politics. To the government of the day though, it should be a different ballgame. There should be a clear distinction between delivering services that the citizenry expect of their government and politics.

The situation as it is right now is very regrettable as the government is always playing catch-up to CORD’s scheme and if they don’t change this by the end of five years they will have achieved nothing. CORD on the other hand will have successfully ensured that they have achieved their goal – making it impossible for the government to deliver. As things look, Jubilee is spending all their energy chasing its own tail.

It is even a bigger problem when public servants are drawn into this either out of eagerness to please the master or under instructions from the master as was witnessed in the first press statement issued by Ole Lenku in the aftermath of Mpeketoni attacks and the most recent one by Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa where both blamed Raila Odinga and ODM for the current spate of insecurity at the coast.

At the end of the day, Uhuru and Ruto must draw the line between playing politics and actually governing this country. If CORD, ODM or Raila is to blame for some of this things then we want to see action, people taken to court and charged with treason or whatever charges but not names and blame games being thrown left and right at political rallies and press conferences. Forgive us but we expect more from our Commander in Chief and his deputy.

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