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OMINDE’S REVIEWS: Places to visit in Kisumu if you are a lover of fine coffee

After that fiery article on Kisumu’s most influential personalities that caused controversy all over the city I have decided to tone it a little down as I wait to drop my usual dose of controversy this long weekend.

My next post will be called “Kisumu’s most eligible bachelorettes” which will all be about celebrating single women who are on top of their game in Kisumu City. The article is done but most of this week I will try to go on a one on one date – coffee date with most if not all of the ladies on that list just to add to the information I have gathered about them.

Bellow are some of my favorite coffee joints that I will be sampling with them as I get to know more about who they are.

I must confess that I am a lover of good coffee – it’s sort of my new addiction and in the pursuit of my ‘new found high’ I have criss-crossed restaurants in this town sampling coffee just to find that distinct cup of coffee that keeps me coming for more.

I really regret the fact that Kahawa Na Kadhalika popularly known as KnK had to close down…I have drunk coffee and I have drunk KnK coffee and I must say that nothing I have ever tasted beats that coffee.

My favorite was always Irish Coffee which is usually made from mixing coffee brewed from some of the best quality roasted coffee beans with fine Irish Whiskey.

All coffee made from mixing brewed coffee with alcohol are usually called “Coffee liqueur.”

That was a great establishment that was proudly Kisumu but it’s a sad thing that it had to close down – a lot of rumors as to why they wound up but we all understand that the cost of doing business in this town is just not conducive for local startups.

Boston Cafe is situated in downtown Kisumu on the same street with Samba Marina
Boston Cafe is situated in downtown Kisumu on the same street with Samba Marina

While I really loved KnK Coffee, once in a while I would “flirt” with Boston Cafe’ so it was just natural that once KnK was out of the picture it was going to be my next favorite joint.

Tucked away in down town Kisumu at the junction of Odera Street and Tom Mboya road is the little Cafe’ which member of the Victoria Comfort Hotels.

They specialize in a variety of beverages and light snacks but I find their coffee amazing. Whether it’s house coffee or some nicely dome Mocha, they got you covered.

Apart from Coffee they also have some very nice fresh masala tea – and here when I say very nice I mean I have never tasted anything like that! The feel of fresh spices all over your taste buds…I can go on forever about their tea.

They also serve alcohol just in case you need something stronger.

If you are looking for ambiance and just want to have a quiet conversation with someone then Boston Cafe’ is the place…plus very few people know about it so your chances of bumping onto someone you don’t want to meet are very slim.

Why do they call it Nairobi Java House while it's in Kisumu?
Why do they call it Nairobi Java House while it’s in Kisumu?

I know you were probably waiting for me to mention Nairobi Java House – well, I just did. I haven’t really wrapped my head around the reason they insist on calling it “Nairobi Java House” when it’s in Kisumu. I understand this thing about branding and all but what the heck – just call it “Kisumu Java House” already!

Well their coffee is awesome, I love their tea as well and the Free WiFi – never my fist consideration though because I feel that I have had better coffee elsewhere, not that their coffee is bad.

Mostly when I am at Java I just do house coffee because it’s mostly weekdays and I don’t have to torture myself later on trying to fight sleep just because I had strong coffee in the evening.

Their prices though will dent your wallet- but omeras don’t mind, so go right ahead and enjoy some Latte at Java Kisumu – or Java Nairobi in Kisumu lol.

The only downside of Java is you will probably meet the “whole of Kisumu” there when you go for your coffee so if you are the kind of person who likes a little privacy as you enjoy your drink then you should probably think twice about that.

Clarice Guesthouse in Milimani Kisumu is definitely not a coffee house but they sure make some awesome coffee. The ambiance and serenity on a cool evening is to die for.

The owner is very friendly and usually takes her time to personally interact with her customers.

Apart from coffee and both hard and soft drinks Clarice make the best Pork chops I have ever had anywhere in Kisumu…I love them served with Potato wedges.

I think if we do Clarice this week it might just be coffee and dinner…wonder which of the eligible bachelorettes will get this treat.

Try it out if you don't mind spending a little extra for an awesome experience
Try it out if you don’t mind spending a little extra for an awesome experience

I have only been to Impala Ecolodge once…I paid dearly for it but it was worth every “kobo” I spent there. I basically hate the fact that I have to pay Impala Park to access the hotel and wished the hotel had their independent entrance.

The view is spectacular especially in the evening as the  sun sets over Lake Victoria…if you don’t mind spending a little extra for some once in a lifetime experience then you should probably check it out.

That’s all about me and my coffee dates this week, let’s look forward to the next list….plus don’t forget to tell me your favorite coffee spots in Kisumu if you are a coffee connoisseur like me.

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