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OMINDE’S REVIEWS: Check out Kisumu’s new Pinecone Hotel

It’s Jamhuri Day weekend and I had promised my wife that I would take her to Jinja, Uganda for the weekend but unfortunately I have to cancel my plans because I came down with something that requires me to be on medication for 10 days and that would make the road trip very uncomfortable.

So I spend my afternon trying to figure out where I was going to spend the weekend without so much hustle. Then it hits me that I recently was treated to a tour of the new Pinecone Hotel. I loved the place. I quickly log onto their website and make my reservation.

Pinecone front
A front view of Pinecone Hotel. The hotel has a very big parking space. Photo Credit: Pinecone Hotel

About 20 minutes later my phone rings and it’s Ruth Ombongi from Pinecone on the other end of the line confirming my reservation for Saturday – “that was fast,” I tell her but that would just be my first interaction with the top notch professionalism of Pinecone Hotel staff. I settle for a double deluxe room on full board accommodation and get back to my Friday routine.

I check into the hotel about half past noon, just a few minutes to lunch time – the timing was very intentional. I am paying for full board accommodation so I better make sure I am checked in for lunch. I get into my room and the phone rings with someone from reception waiting to take my order. There is fish, chicken and beef but they could as well make anything else for me if I am not interested in any of those. This is Kisumu, most people would be interested in the fish but I go for kuku kienyeji served with ugali and traditional vegges. As I wait for my order, I acquaint myself with the facilities.

When people like me who breathe internet and not oxygen check into hotels, the most important thing you want to try out is their WiFi. I take out my laptop but I notice that there is a very weak signal in my room – just two bars . I note it down so that when I get to have a sit down with the hotel’s marketing manager later in the afternoon I will bring it to her attention. I however decide to see how the weak signal performs all the same and to my bewilderment all my pages open okay – I try to test it with fire and open YouTube to play Dela’s rendition of Hello by Adelle – streams perfectly!!

Pinecone desk
The working desk at one of the rooms at Pinecone Hotel. Other suites are big enough with coaches for you to entertain your guests. Photo Credits: Betty Chore.

The hotel room has a medium sized nicely finished working desk with about four regular power sockets for your gadgets an Ethernet port if you are interested in using the cabled network instead of WiFi. There is a 32 inch Sony LED TV hanging on the wall just above the desk with access to over 40 channels which include Aljazeera, CNN, Sports, Entertainment and local channels. A DVD player is also available on request. The desk has a drawer that you can use for keeping the documents you are working on.

Kisumu can be hot so the rooms are all fitted with air conditioning equipment. Each room has a plastic key card which apart from opening the doors also switches the power on – that means power goes off immediately you leave the room. I found that to be a very efficient way of conserving energy because it ensures you have power only when you need it. The hotel also has a standby generator and solar backup just in case power goes out.

As the geek in me notices the tech stuff, my wife is busy unpacking. We are only here for a day so we did not bring the whole world with us. The room has a nicely fitted closet on one side of the room directly opposite the bathroom with a life –size mirror on the door. It has a couple of plastic hangers for your clothes and a compartment that you can use for your folded clothes and space bellow for your shoes.

Unlike hotels of similar standards that I have been to in a couple of cities, this room does not have a safe but I am told there are safes at the reception that I can use to keep my valuables. I hope that is one thing they will consider adding to the rooms after reading my review.

The bathroom has a nice looking finish. A toilet on one end and shower on the other. The water is heated using solar energy so you have to let it run for a while before it gets hot but it’s totally worth the wait. Fresh towels hang on a rack next to a sink with a face mirror above it. There are tubes of shower gel, shampoo and lotion in the shower.

Pinecone bathroom
The room does not however have a bath tub. I am told most hotels are moving away from them in a bid to conserve water while other people also cite hygiene reasons. Photo Credits: Pinecone Hotel

The bed is a 5″ x 6″ with a nicely done headboard. It has side drawers on both sides and a very comfortable mattress. The remote control to the AC sits on top of the drawer on one side of the bed while the phone is on the other side. There are a couple of sockets just above the drawers for those who like to sleep with their phones charging next to them.

Pinecone bed
The ambient mood lighting adds to the aesthetic value of the room. Photo Credit: Pinecone Hotel

The phone rings again and I am informed that our lunch is ready. We walk downstairs from our first floor room past the lobby and into the terrace where our lunch is served. You can chose between having your meals at the restaurant or at this nicely done terrace adjacent to the poolside bar. It has beautiful shades with octagon-shaped mahogany tables and seats all nicely finished. A couple of trees and green plants complete the serene picture that is very ideal for chilling out on a hot afternoon like this one.

Terrace pinecone
You do not have to be a staying guest to enjoy the Pinecone Hotel ambiance, you can come over and enjoy your meals or a beer at the terrace. Photo Credits: Pinecone Hotel

The waiters serve us lunch from the adjacent kitchen. The chicken tastes so nice it reminds me of my mother’s cooking. It’s been a very long time since I had such nice tasting chicken.

Pinecone fish
When in Kisumu you have to sample the fish at Pinecone. Photo Credits: Daniel Ominde

At night we have ugali with fish at the restaurant because the weather was not all that good for a garden dinner. Just like the chicken at lunch the fish is very delicious and is served with traditional veges. I skip the drinks and desert because I am attending a cocktail evening and a nearby hotel that is just opening its doors for the first time tonight and I don’t want to fill my stomach. The restaurant is on the ground floor next to the lobby.

Adjacent to the lobby is a Business Centre with three computers and high speed internet accessible to all guests staying at the hotel at no extra cost. If you are on holiday and did not carry your gadgets but need to work on a quick document then this space will be ideal for your needs.

The conference facilities are located on the third floor of the 66 bed capacity hotel. It boasts of three conference halls of different sizes with the biggest being able to accommodate up to 300 people.

The conference room have very fast internet accessed through WiFi or internet cables and are fitted with modern conferencing equipment.

The conference rooms have very beautiful views of Kisumu International Airport and Lake Victoria which add a very relaxing feel to them.

The hotel is just seven minutes drive from the airport and about five minutes from the city centre.

While staying at the hotel it’s advisable to sample Kisumu life during your free time. Kisumu Impala Park which is home to a variety of wildlife including lions, elephants, ostrich and impalas is just seven minutes away or you can drive further down to Dunga beach for another 10 minutes and visit the fishing village where you will see fishermen returning to shore with their catch for the day.

On your way from Dunga Beach you can pass by Dunga Hill Camp and grab a beer or cup of coffee as you watch the breathtaking sunset over Lake Victoria.

If you want to sample Kisumu’s night life then you can check out Barcadia Lounge, Club Signature or Club Buccaneers – all located in the CBD  if you are into the Urban hits or sample Buddy’s Grill at United Mall for some soothing oldies and Rhumba.

The hotel also has a fully furnished apartment for those who want to be home away from home. You can make your own food or request for a personal chef.

What are your Christmas plans, if you are going to Kisumu then why not check out Pinecone Hotel? Make your reservations online at this holiday season or next time you are having a conference in town and you might just land yourself a discount. Rates are available on their website as well.

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