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How far will you go to get a Valentine’s date? #KikiFoundBae

Valentine’s Day is at times also referred to the “single awareness day” as single people are constantly reminded of their solitude as they watch the whole world celebrate their unions. Being single though should never be seen as a bad thing but one guy from Nairobi is not ready to spend this day alone.

His name is Kiki Kariuki Marima and he went all out to try and find a Valentine’s Day date. He created a website (he is an IT guy so that was not difficult) and a hash tag #Bae4Kiki to help him find that elusive  date. In his website he describes himself as a Scientist, Christian, Phillanthropist and Software developer. He is also a self professed lover of avocados. Actually avocados are so special to him that if the “bae” can’t share his love for them she must at least appreciate them>

Kiki did not know how far this little joke that he thought he was playing with his friends would go and to his surprise it took the interwebs with a storm. Everyone was talking about it or trying to help Kiki find bae. The corporates were not left out either.

Earlier this week Capital Fm picked onto this and invited him to their breakfast show where they started getting pledges from corporates who wanted to be involved in Kiki’s search for bae.

First cars pledged to chaufer him and bae around with top of the range limousines if he found a date.

That was not all.

Uchumi threw in dinner at Villa Rossa Kempinski.

Actually he was lucky enough to get two offers on free dinner.

So the big question is, will Kiki find Bae or did Kiki find Bae?

Well we have the answer for you…………

Yes the title says it all … I found bae 🙂 .. not sure how much I should reveal here … From our conversation, she is all shades of cool, she is non-male and she loves avocados … what more could a man ask for. I’ll keep y’all posted on twitter … follow me @kmarima

Like you see he finally found bae, but he is not divulging much at the moment…so follow him for more info. This though is a lesson on how strategic you can be with your online campaigns – look at how corprates are fighting to be part of it. I am not sure if he intended it to be this way but het…look at how it turned out!

You probably already have bae so why don’t you treat him or her to something special this Valentine’s Day?

Victoria Comfort Hotel in Kisumu is hosting the Valentine’s Dinner on 13th February from 6.30 PM. Enjoy amazing food, wine and great ballads by Kisumu’s Uzima Vibe Band. Tickets go for Ksh. 3,000 per couple but you can also get them for free by tuning in to Urban Radio on 90.7 FM.




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