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OMINDE’S LISTS: 15 people you must follow on Facebook if you come from Kisumu

That social media is a big thing is no longer in doubt. It in fact gives traditional media a run for its money when it comes to providing information, education and entertainment.

Today I want to focus on 15 people who inform, educate and entertain Kisumu on Facebook:

  1. Eric Ochanji II: He is the convener of Kisumu Dads – a social group on Facebook that was started as hangout for men but has since been infiltrated by women who were expelled from “Kisumu Mums” for being too mouthy. By day he is a “Business Advisor” but a trip to his Facebook timeline in the morning will treat you to some thought provoking socio-economic and political issues affecting the country…at times like all men he can be silly too.

    Tuli is so dramatic that she made her photo not being used on this post an issue. “I might not be as outstandingly beutiful as Awinja Ruthie or Lydia Ndege…..(her words not mine).” So I hope we are cool Tuli! PHOTO: Courtesy (by coercion)
  2. Tuli Tulitu – She is famous for being kicked out of Kisumu Mums Facebook group. Women hate her. Men fear her guts. She tells it like it is. She is a champion of children’s rights during the day –  she is a proud beggar when it comes to the many orphans under her care (she educates tens of girls in secondary schools). Her philanthropy aside she courts controversy everywhere she turns. She is a staunch supporter of Dr. Hezron McObewa. Some people claim that while growing up she was nicknamed “Katulo” because she liked causing “tulo” which is Luo for chaos.
  3. Dismas Ogola – His ears are on the ground. They say he is Kisumu’s wheeler dealer – a Jacob Juma in the making. Anything with political significance in Kisumu will be first seen on his timeline. He has Governor Jack Ranguma’s ear.
  4. Nancy Okuta – Me and her have had a few run-ins (she is either blocking me on Facebook or I am blocking her). She is Kisumu’s Robert Alai – a certified screamer. People’s defender. Never afraid to take on the high and mighty. She was recently sued by Directors of an NGO associated with one of Kisumu’s main Gubernatorial contenders for defamation after alleging financial impropriety and sexual harassment at the institution.

    Winnie Wadera is a champion for girls and artists’ rights. PHOTO: Courtesy
  5. Winnie Wadera – If you don’t believe that God is great then you need to speak to this lady. TRANSFORMATION is what they call it. She loves to spread the word of God but when she wakes up with great temptations you will know it too – she does not fake it like most “saved people” do. She is an online and on-ground activist as well.

    Lydia Ndege
    Hon. Lydia Ndege, MCA, Kisumu County Assembly. PHOTO: Courtesy
  6. Hon. Lydiah Ndege – A nominated MCA. The Nairobian said she has cute legs and named her among Kenya’s hot female MCAs. Her timeline is political at times. Amazing photos from her and her “House of Tara” events company. Sometimes she is just a girl next door.
  7. Allan Obiero – He is your authoritative source of info on Facebook. If Allan has posted it – it is true. You can take it to the Bank. He is a news editor at Radio Nam Lolwe.

    Robba Owuor is a public health professional, actor and model. PHOTO: Courtesy
  8. Robba Owuor – He is an actor, TV ad model, a health professional. He is also a certified Johnie Junior groupie (he will kill me for this). His Facebook posts are political and social. If you want to know where JJ is playing on any weekend just check his timeline on a Friday.
  9. Fred Madanje – Journalist turned blogger turned journalist again. He has all the rumors. If something is happening he will post the photos before anyone else. Do not invite him to your private event because it will cease being private anymore as the world will see everything through his lenses.

    Gordon Omondi is a Dj and photography enthusiast (I am trying not to say amateur photographer). PHOTO: Courtesy
  10. Gordon Omondi (RockGuru) – A Dj who laid is hands on a camera and is now caught between two professions. He just discovered long exposure photography and we will not have the end of it. Amazing photos from Kisumu events is what his timeline is made of – GordoskiProductions.
  11. Julz Henry Odeny – Every market has their mad man and this is ours (Kisumu). He is the defacto “team mafisi” chair in Kisumu. His Facebook posts are usually ratchety but thoroughly entertaining. At times he is inspirational too and you wonder how the brilliance and the madness co-exist in the same brain.
  12. Dennis Nyakach -Founder of Amazing Kisumu. He quit his job to blog full-time (if he buys a Mercedes soon then my boss can kiss my back-side too (don’t tell my boss I said that, lest I find a “show cause” letter in my mail)…). If it’s about Kisumu and it’s amazing then you will find it on his timeline. He is Kisumu’s best blogger- yeah, I said it!

    Awinja Ruthie
    Awinja Ruthie might be a business woman based in Nairobi but she is always on top of things happening in Kisumu. She kinda looks like Citizen TV’s Lillian Mulli too…PHOTO: Courtesy
  13. Awinja Ruthie – Propriator “House of Tots” – a baby boutique. Her profile is just about “kukula tu na macho“…. we need a bit of that for visual nourishment.
  14. This Is Chito – Urban Radio’s import from Zambia who thinks he has a right to take his madness from the studio to Facbook. He writes about things that make you go  “did he just say that?”
  15. Dave Ngiri Odira – He is a lost cause. His relatives gave up on him too. He loves bikes. Has a car you can wash in a sink. Works for Lolwe TV. Drinks too much Sierra Blonde. Certified Heckler. Thanks to google and BBC Sport he can talk about Arsenal and Manchester United over the weekends.

I hope I did not leave anyone out but if I did let’s see the names in the comments section. Please pass by my serious blog OMINDE’S WORLD to read about Africa’s socio-economic and political issues from the eyes of a Kenyan blogger.

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