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OMINDE’S PREVIEWS: How Pacho Festival might just end up with a sold out crowd

For the first time ever I want to do an event preview, basically because this event has gotten almost everything right and it’s high time Kisumu event organizers took some lessons from the organizers of Pacho Festival.

For a long time Kisumu artists and event organizers have been complaining about how locals do not appreciate Kisumu events – I have always disagreed but avoided in engaging in futile arguments online about the same. As an events consumer, my reasoning has always been “give me something worth my money and I will show up.”

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Here are a few things Pacho Festival got right:

1. Event timing 

Nobody want’s to attend any event when they are broke. With our spending culture, Kenyans usually have money to spend around the first two weeks of the month. After that they switch to economy gear. There are a few exceptions to this (probably you and me) but that exception will never give you a sold out crowd which is what as an event organizer you are looking for.

Any event that falls between the 3rd and 10th day of the month will receive a good attendance.

2. Value for money

Timing though is not all. We all subconsciously make decisions based on price – even the wealthy. We are always looking for a bargain whether it’s fuel, airline tickets or a concert like this one. When you line up Werrason, Madanje Perimeter, Prezda Bandason and Tony Nyadundo on one stage and charge me Ksh. 2,000 for VIP then that’s a great bargain!

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Ksh. 500 for ordinary tickets is what brings the sold out crowd to your event. This however reduces your profits as an organizer so someone sharp will get an event sponsor like a drinks company.

3. Publicity

Even with perfect timing and a great price for your event, it’s all useless if nobody knows about it. Pacho Festival organizers have made sure this is the event on everybody’s lips (I am not paid for it but I felt like I had to write something about it – see?). They have made sure that all of Kisumu’s social media influencers are talking about the event.

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That is not all, they staged a major road show on Kisumu streets on Sunday and are embarking on an on-air campaign on Urban Radio 90.7 FM on Monday (Today). It is very key to have a media partner for event, if possible radio and TV but even radio alone will do the trick. By the end of the week, this is the event you will not want to miss.

4. Venue

Often ignored but equally important is the venue for your event. The closer it is to the CBD the better. Simba Club is a fairly central location.

Are you attending Pacho Festival? Let me know why you will or will not attend on the comments section.

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