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Why Java House owes it’s clients an apology

Something went wrong at Java yesterday  (Sunday). A client – Nairobi lawyer and blogger Fred Chumo had ordered salad with a meal but when it arrived, it had some unwanted protein as accompaniment. So he took to twitter to complain, posting the tweet bellow.

My attention to the tweets were drawn by a friend whom I met at Java House, West End Mall, Kisumu. I had gone in to have a glass of minty pineade (one of my favorite drinks at Java) when Chandi Tome pointed out to me that Java was trending on twitter for the wrong reasons.

I am a frequenter at Java House and as a food enthusiast I also know that mistakes happen in the Kitchen. I however expected that Java House would offer an apology to the customer and reassure their clients that they will endeavor to ensure that such an incident does not happen again. That is what a solid brand would do. That is what I thought Java House would do.

It’s more than 24 hours later when I am publishing this. No apology. Instead Java House tried to handle this quietly with Fred Chumo. That was not wrong, but what about the thousands of Kenyans like me who order pork chops or steak with fresh salad from Java House. How are we assured of the safety of our food?


This however is not an isolated event, rapper Fena Kuti tweeted a while back about seeing a rat a Java House. The Kisumu branch at West End Mall was struggling with ants for a long time. Last week a friend of mine complained to one of the waiters about stale food.

People have tweeted about roaches at Java House:

Java 3

This and incidents before brings to the fore the question of quality control at the Java House kitchen and the general quality of hygiene in their restaurants. When clients go to high end restaurants like Java House, they expect a certain level of quality, they need that reassurance.

Java 2
A friend who knows my #JavaLove asking if my loyalty will stand after reading about the snail incident.

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