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Edwin Anayo – I am not McObewa’s running mate

Kisumu Market – Milimani ward MCA had a rather fairy tale entry into politics in 2013 coming in with a lot of support from the business community and Kisumu youths. After loosing in the disputed ODM Party nomination to Seth “Adui” Kanga, Eddy trounced him in the elections using the little known PDP Party which was then a CORD affiliate. He would later be elected the Minority whip before being overthrown by nominated MCA Bob Ndolo after being linked to a corruption scandal in the County Assembly.

Even though Eddy successfully cleared his name from the allegation, he has been rather quiet regarding his political ambition despite several candidates showing interest in his current seat. We sat down with him to find out why.

OW: Are you running for office in the coming general elections?

Eddy: I am yet to decide whether I am going to run for any political office in the coming elections. There are things that I had pledged to the voters in my ward to deliver before the next elections but I am yet to so I want to focus on them before deciding to go back to them.

OW: What are these promises you are talking about?

Eddy: I represent one of the wards with the most number of unemployed youths in this county. I have done a lot to create job opportunities for these young citizens of Kisumu both in the private and public sector. When supermarkets and retail chains are opening in Kisumu, I am usually at the fore front of bargaining for employment slots for young people in the ward.

OW: We have heard rumors that you are silent about your political ambition because you intend to be Dr. McObewa’s running mate in his race to unseat Gov. Jack Ranguma.

Eddy: I do not know where you heard that from. People say all manner of things in politics.

OW: Has McObewa’s team approached you?

Eddy: I have been approached by several people to run with them for office in the coming general elections. One instance was in Migori County but I turned it down.

OW: Who was it?

Eddy: I won’t say.

OW: In which other county were you approached to run as Deputy Governor?

Eddy: I can’t say that too.

OW: Who are you supporting in the race for Kisumu Governor?

Eddy: When that time comes I will let you know. I however hate the divisive direction Kisumu politics is currently taking pitting the natives against people from other parts of the country. The so called “oluwo reru.” Kisumu’s economy is controlled by people from outside Kisumu and they have to be respected. I can confidently say that they have not had their fair share of representation in the current government. The next government of this county has to reflect Kisumu’s ethnic diversity.

I am one of the people who started the Oluwo Reru movement to fight for residents who are not from the native Kisumu clans. This movement was not against Governor Ranguma but it was hijacked by a few self centered individuals who are now using it to push for their own political agenda.

Eddy is keeping his cards close to his chest, and his next political move is up for anyone’s guess. If he is however interested in defending his seat or running for the Kisumu Central seat then his competitors could be a little a head of him and he will need to work twice as hard as he did in 2012 to win this.





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  • Seth tedd onyango Reply

    September 8, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    Eddy ought to make clear his ambitions,we follow and support Eddy,personally I would prefer if he started his campaigns early.


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