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Mega Plaza Mall in the heart of Kisumu’s CBD is coming up real quick and petty soon it will be nothing like we knew it before. I remember the first time the renovated ground floor was opened I got lost…Yeah I got lost between Nakumatt and Moscom. I felt so embarrassed about it…Me, that guy who knows everything about this city getting lost at Mega Plaza! But then again, that is the good thing about it – it’s not really a mall until you can get lost inside it!

I cannot tell what’s going to be the coolest thing about that mall yet but I sure know that it’s going to be the place to go shopping in Kisumu.

Let me tell you about a cool thing I found there though. I recently discovered a liquor store in the new basement floor. Now I won’t lie to you that I was just walking and bumped onto it. No. My elder brother called me and asked if he could give my contacts to a friend of his who is setting up something in Kisumu and would need my help marketing it so I said why not. It sounded like an extra buck.

Long story short. I met this guy on a Saturday at the new basement of Mega Plaza Mall. Just next to the escalator, there is a new liquor store called Legit House of Liquor. In my line of work you meet people who want you to sell things that are a “hard sell” but this was not one of those. It was legit. My eyes were beaming with excitement the moment I walked passed the glass doors with a green life-size Jonnie Walker sign (on the sign he is literally walking into the store).

I took me a good 20 minutes just wondering around the store not bothering to make contact with whoever I was there to meet. A guy who introduced himself as Andrew (that’s the Manager) later walked over to me and asked if I wanted help with anything. I told him I would let him know in a while. They really have nice customer service staff.

Unlike your ordinary Wines & Spirits store where you stand in a small window and belt out your order, Legit Liquor House is actually a walk in store with nicely arranged wooden shelves with price labels on all products. Look at it like an Alcohol Supermarket. I have traveled the world (but I don’t say) and seen quite few spaces like it. It kinda resembles something I only saw in Ireland – you know how they are with their Whiskies, right?

Talking about whiskies, there is something for everyone. From Johnie Walker Platinum Label to Crazy Cock and everything in between. I am not really a whisky connoisseur but you can still take my word that they got the widest variety of whiskies anywhere under the Kisumu sun. It doesn’t end there though, I have never seen so much vodkas in one place. I think my friend Millicent Aberi will live here when she discovers it. You would be forgiven to think you are in a Russian street when you walk by the Vodka section.

Then there are the wines and champagne…I will leave that to your imagination.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that they open from 9.30 am to 11 PM in the night. That means that if you had a house party you can just hop into a bodaboda when you run out of booze or if you are drinking outside Barcadia on the drums and think Bob’s prices are too steep ….(he will kill me for this, but you get the idea).

Visit the store, take a selfie, tag Urban Radio, win this bottle.

Not forgetting they have an introductory offer…Amazing prices my guy. Plus if you take a selfie in the store and you tag Urban Radio 90.7 FM on your photo (@UrbanRadio254 on Twitter, @urbanradio254 on Instagram & Urban Radio 90.7 FM on Facebook) , you stand the chance to walk away with a bottle of some premium drink each week. This week it’s gonna be a 1 litre bottle of 12 year old Singleton Tailfire!

So, go ye’ and sample the store…And may the holiday parties begin.

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