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Hotel Review: Why you should probably not visit Blue Ridge Hotel, Rusinga

When travelling locally or internationally, one of the things you always care about is having to feel as if you are home. Any establishment that achieves that becomes an instant favorite. The homely feel is however not just limited to the physical layout, decor and quality of service crew.

Our homes are usually the place we feel most secure – or at least that is what is usually expected. This is the reason hotels invest heavily in security installations. But still, mistakes do happen and it’s important for hotels to go to great lengths to ensure that in the event clients lose property in their establishment, the event is properly investigated.

Last week a couple of bloggers were visiting Rusinga Island for the annual Rusinga Cultural Festival. They traveled in two groups and arrived at Blue Ridge Hotel, Rusinga one day apart. They were having a good time at the mid level hotel until one evening when their rooms were broken into as they had their dinner.

The next series of tweets from one of the bloggers explain what happened and how the hotel handled the situation:


When a hotel has a breach of security incident like this, the first reaction would be to call the police, but did that happen? Read the next tweets:

So why does it have to be that calling the cops when your client has been robbed becomes a favor? Is it not supposed to make it look like you are doing something about it and actually preserve the reputation of your establishment? Follow the next tweets with me:

Then the management went further telling the clients who had been robbed how many important people had stayed at the hotel and had never been robbed! What a way of handling a situation:

The staff too seem not to understand basic security procedures when cleaning clients’ rooms. Look at this:

Don’t tell your staff that it is not professional to have four rooms open at the same time when they are cleaning one room. – @potentash

Security cameras are not that out of reach for an establishment like this. Do they omit them by design? Why is it that the hotel does not have a single CCTV camera in this day and age?

But what matters most when clients get robbed at your establishment is how you treat them. That determines whether they will ever recommend the place to someone else or will work hard to ensure that you are out of business.

Anyway that seems not to be the only problem, someone who recently visited the facility had this to say:

” I decided to do local tourism to that place recently..eehh, very expensive meals, very poor breakfast. I can’t recommend to anyone”

Well, we gave the hotel management an opportunity to respond and this is it:

“Linet everything is under investigation the incident happened on 21st jioni so we are waiting for the feedback thats why we dont have much to say meanwhile the security measures is being put in place.” – Edith Ayoo

Quite a reassurance that one!

Was it an inside job? How did the thief open the rooms without breaking in and get away undetected?

Maybe you need to reconsider your holiday or conference plans unless you want to be the next victims. In the meantime I hope the thief will be apprehended and my colleagues will have their valuables back.

Here though is article by Potentash who was one of the bloggers robbed at the Hotel on how to minimize your chances of getting robed in a hotel. This article was inspired by the Rusinga robbery.

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  • Timothy Reply

    December 29, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    I hope the staff responsible will be brought to book.

  • Caroline Nyadiero Reply

    January 4, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    There is a scam going around where people book hotel and they pretend they have been robbed,demanding to ransack other peoples room looking for their lost items,but in real sense they’re the robbers .As per Omindes story, it just look like what happened to me in a certain hotel in Malindi.A group of 8 to 10 people.


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