Urban Radio’s Grace Makosewe distributes sanitary towels in Migori

Urban Radio presenters Grace Makosewe and Brenda Ntwatwa on Friday last week distributed a year’s supply of sanitary towels to five schools in Migori County. Learners from Kolwal, Lwala, Ober,…

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The media does not raise your kids for you

Media personalities and celebrities do not raise your kids for you, don’t fail to do your job as a parent then blame others for your how your children turn out….

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Fight insecurity not CORD

For some reason Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are finding it difficult to believe that they are now in charge of the government and keep blaming Raila Odinga…

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Contraceptives for kids – the debate no one is having

I have listened to politicians, parents, teachers and religious leaders speak in public forums about the Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2014 and one thing is very clear, they are all against…

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Gay rights are human rights!!

What Uganda did was wrong…that is a route that Kenya should not take. An anti gay bill will do nothing but further divide us and create unnecessary violence towards a…

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Kenya at 50 – Lessons from Nelson Mandela

This week Africa and indeed the whole world is celebrating the life and times of one of the greatest men that ever walked the surface of the earth – Nelson…

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New media bill – democracy under siege

Today I stand together with men and women I shared a class, a belief and a profession with not more than a decade ago. Like the old saying goes: “Injustice…

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Bloggers are the last nail on traditional journalism’s coffin

That traditional journalism is struggling to catch last breaths is not news anymore. Newspapers are soon going to be rendered obsolete in our society. I don’t remember the last time…

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NO thank you, maybe next time for Joey Muthengi

Joey Muthengi is a voice that has graced our radios for quite sometime now. A voice I fell in love with immediately she replaced Eve D’Souza¬† as the Hits Not…

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Jicho Pevu – the real logic

I am scrolling down my TL on twitter then I come across this post: “All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims #JichoPevu“…so I decide to follow the…

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