AU Heads of State urged to mainstream climate change in their efforts to curb ‘forced migration’ in the continent

Heads of state from across the African continent will be meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the 32nd Summit of Heads of States of the AU on 10th and 11th…

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Are elections in Africa only free and fair when the opposition win?

This is a question I found myself asking after Zimbabwe’s opposition – MDC Alliance vowed to challenge the resulst of the July 30 elections in court after the Zimbabwe Electoral…

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Kenya’s anti-corruption crusade, a genuine graft purge or a political battle?

For the first time in Kenya’s independent history, Kenya is seemingly tackling corruption in high places. Over the past few months, senior government officials who include Governors, Principal Secretaries and…

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Kenya’s Corruption Scandals, A case of Same Script Different Cast?

Or is it a case of same script, same cast with a few new extras? I think the latter describes the Kenyan scenario better if the front-page story on Thursday’s…

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President Kenyatta is driving Kenya towards autocracy

When Kenya passed a new constitution in August 2010, it was recognized the world over for taking a bold step in promoting basic human rights. The new constitution was commonly…

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Why NASA needs a change of tact with street protests

I found myself reading about the Arab spring this morning and trying to compare the last moments before the Tunisia and Egyptian revolution came full circle to the situation Kenya…

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Changing the Narrative and Pitting Luos against the “Model Minorities”

Some have asked; “why are we not having the Kambas, Coasterians, Luhyias, Kisiis burning their towns?” “Across the political spectrum, people looked to Asian Americans…..Japanese and Chinese Americans…..as an example…..for…

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Blame Uhuru not politics for the poor performing economy

In an April 2017 report titled “Kenya’s Economic Outlook to Dip in 2017”, the World Bank ( International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) projected that Kenya’s 2017 GDP was projected…

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My two cents on the “supreme petition” – Dorcas Sarkozy

I have avoided writing about the on-going theatrics at the Supreme Court (SCOK) because, well they ARE just that, theatrics. Why do I say that? Well let’s start off with…

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The trouble with Kenya – the relationship between corruption and elections

Chinua Achebe’s book “The Trouble with Nigeria” should be a must-read for ALL Kenyans including in-coming legislators. Released in 1983, the ten-chapter 87-page fifteen thousand worded quick read is direct…

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