Protracted doctors strike was an indictment to Kenya’s leadership

The nationwide doctors’ strike which started in December 2016 has now been resolved after more than 100 days without provision of basic healthcare at government health facilities. The protracted impasse’…

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How doctors are winning the moral war waged against them by government

Today marks 43 days since doctors downed their tools demanding better working conditions. Among the key issues in the contested 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) was a 300% pay hike…

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Who do we blame for the collapsing of banks?

I was at Family Bank, Kisumu Express Branch moments ago (Friday, morning). I was greeted by an empty banking hall – two customers in front of me and only one…

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Ahmed Nasir Abdulahi – a brilliant lawyer or crooked jurist?

We cannot blame a lawyer for the clients they represent. The law of natural justice dictates that every accused person has the right to be heard. That right includes legal…

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Why getting diagnosed with cancer could be a death sentence in Kenya

Getting diagnosed with cancer in Kenya could mean imminent death if you are not extremely wealthy or have a good medical cover. Everyday social media sites are littered with medical…

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How voters’ interests have been kept at bay as Kenyan political parties show off financial might

Elections in Kenya are around the corner and like every other election, the stakes are at an all time high. The major political parties involved are not sparing anything to…

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Why Raila should listen to Robert Alai

Yesterday the internet (Facebook) was startled. Robert Alai, an anti -Jubilee blogger turned his guns on the opposition supremo telling him him that Kenyans are tired of wasting their time…

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Drums of war and how the ICC failed us

It’s 8 O’clock on Monday morning when I start putting this piece together. A little happier than I have been about Mondays in the recent past – happy because today…

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Why Kenyans need to jealously protect their freedoms

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration has since inception tried to limit the freedoms Kenyans fought for, died for and eventually enshrined on their supreme law which is the Kenyan Constitution. These attempts…

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Regional Perspectives: Why Kenyans are keenly following the Ugandan polls #UgandaDecides

In under a week from today (Monday) Uganda goes to the polls to decide whether incumbent president Yoweri Kagutta Museveni who has been in power for over three decades will…

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