#StateOfTheNation – why Uhuru must now walk the talk.

As the President’s State of the nation address drew near, we all were involved in all manner of speculations on what he would focus on as he address the joint…

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Digital Migration – the truth, the half-truths and the outright lies

Who is lying to you about migration? PHOTO: CAK I have tried to stay away from the conversation around the digital migration save for a few tweets for the fear…

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Why abolishing ranking is the first step in the right direction

“The decision to abolish ranking of schools is the first step towards returning sanity in the education sector” The Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof. Jacob Kamimenyi yesterday made a major…

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Bado mapambano – why the battle should not sleep with K’Ajwang’

Gerald Otieno K’Ajwang’ died on Monday night aged 53 “Vijana msilale, lale lale, vijana msilale bado mapambano mapambano mapambano. Bado mapambano.”¬†Gerald Otieno K’Ajwang (may his soul Rest In Peace) would…

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Has Raila Odinga outlived his usefulness?

Raila Odinga should now focus more on his roles as an African Statesman “When I see Raila Odinga I see the second Mandela of Africa.” Those are not my words…

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Is being “cool” all it takes to be president in Kenya?

Kenyans deserve more than a “cool” president A few weeks ago while attending an African Politics bloggers conference in Nairobi, I met up with two fellow bloggers from Malawi and…

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Find out what Kenya’s academia has been reduced to – Tribute to Ali Mazrui

Prof. Ali Mazrui passed on in the US yesterday¬† The early years of ¬†independent Kenya saw a lot of struggle for the expansion of democratic space and good governance from…

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Lessons from Wangari Maathai

The Late Prof. Wangari Maathai She took up a dirty cause as a young girl, it involved digging and planting on dirty earth all while her peers were going to…

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The media does not raise your kids for you

Media personalities and celebrities do not raise your kids for you, don’t fail to do your job as a parent then blame others for your how your children turn out….

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Contraceptives for kids – the debate no one is having

I have listened to politicians, parents, teachers and religious leaders speak in public forums about the Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2014 and one thing is very clear, they are all against…

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