Kisumu’s changing skyline – why this should be every investor’s dream!

When Kisumu was first named a city in 2001, we had very little to show for our new status apart from being the cleanest city in East Africa then –…

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Gay rights are human rights!!

What Uganda did was wrong…that is a route that Kenya should not take. An anti gay bill will do nothing but further divide us and create unnecessary violence towards a…

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New media bill – democracy under siege

Today I stand together with men and women I shared a class, a belief and a profession with not more than a decade ago. Like the old saying goes: “Injustice…

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Turkana: Another “Niger Delta” in the making?

For decades residents of Turkana County in Northern Kenya have crisscrossed the hills, valleys and plains that mark the borders of their county with herds of animals looking for pasture…

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Bloggers are the last nail on traditional journalism’s coffin

That traditional journalism is struggling to catch last breaths is not news anymore. Newspapers are soon going to be rendered obsolete in our society. I don’t remember the last time…

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It’s time for Willy Mutunga to bow out honorably

It is indeed time for the Chief justice to bow out (this time I omit the word “honorably). There is nothing honorable about his actions (or lack of) in the…

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How Larry Madowo got it all wrong about #someoneTellCNN

I really did not intend to write about the whole #someoneTellCNN drama as I had already said all I felt was important on twitter and left blogging about that topic…

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