Does corruption in Kenya come full circle with entry into politics?

Corruption has become part and parcel of the Kenyans society. Little known public officials become instant celebrities the moment they are linked to corruption scandals. In an article titled “The…

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Well Kenya, we’ve have done it again: We are now the only country in the world whose president and deputy president were elected into office while crimes-against-humanity suspects and for…

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State sponsored terror or a rogue police force?

A few minutes to 9 o’clock on Friday evening, all eyes were glued to TV sets as an eerie calm descended on the lakeside city of Kisumu. Earlier in the…

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Media criticized over skewed election coverage

After Kenyans left the election booths on August 8th, their eyes were glued on their TV set for streaming results of the presidential elections and other five positions as well…

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Don’t go anywhere, Kisumu will be safe – County Security Team

Kisumu County Security team are asuring Kisumu residents of their safety ahead of the August 8th polls. In an informal meeting between the team comprising of County Commissioner Mohammed Maalim,…

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President Kenyatta skips presidential debate as underdogs shine

Kenyans are going to the polls in 14 days and on Monday night Kenyans had the opportunity to interrogate the 8 men who want to lead the country as President…

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Jubilee’s Handling of the Cholera Outbreak – Election Year Politicking, Malice or Incompetence?

During the height of the Ebola crisis in 2014, African leaders deftly avoided discussing the impact of corruption, incompetence and poor governance on their ability to contain the disease. Part…

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Is Uhuru setting the stage for rigging August polls?

As Kenya goes to the polls in under 30 days, there are increasing fears that the elections might be rigged in favor of Uhuru Kenyatta. In the onset these were…

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How art is helping young Kenyans push for peace during August elections #ChangamkaNaSanaa

Kondele, Obunga, Nyalenda, Bandani and Muhoroni have been identified as some of the most volatile areas during political conflicts in Kisumu. Other than Muhoroni which is a border town, the…

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Why PLO Lumumba has no moral authority to tell Kisumu voters who they should elect

This week’s podcast is still about democracy in political parties, but I want to focus more on sentiments shared by Prof. PLO Lumumba while appearing on JKL on Wednesday night….

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