Right Under His Nose

We had sat there for a while talking about everything and anything but what brought us here. When Dave* called, he had said he had a sensitive issue that he…

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Why Kenya’s new cybercrimes law is an attack on freedom of speech

The internet, especially blogs and social media have become a very integral part of the information chain in Kenya. Several scandals involving the loss of millions of dollars and misuse…

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My two cents on the “supreme petition” – Dorcas Sarkozy

I have avoided writing about the on-going theatrics at the Supreme Court (SCOK) because, well they ARE just that, theatrics. Why do I say that? Well let’s start off with…

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Does corruption in Kenya come full circle with entry into politics?

Corruption has become part and parcel of the Kenyans society. Little known public officials become instant celebrities the moment they are linked to corruption scandals. In an article titled “The…

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President Kenyatta skips presidential debate as underdogs shine

Kenyans are going to the polls in 14 days and on Monday night Kenyans had the opportunity to interrogate the 8 men who want to lead the country as President…

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About Scanned Commencement Programs, Forged Graduation Certificates and Failing Grades. Or Is It?

“I am not the best person to ask about staying in school” — Mark Zuckerberg to a group of Black Students @ North Carolina A&T. That was the take of…

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Why is the President becoming unhinged?

When I was in Secondary school, one of the most popular books among the students was the “James Hadley Chase” series of short fictional whodunit thrillers written by the English…

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Fact-checking: Deputy President William Ruto’s statement on corruption in government while visiting Nyamira

2017 is an election year and political campaigns are getting hotter by the day. In these campaigns, politicians often make a lot of statements to woo voters but most of…

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What next for the Obama’s

Friday marked the last day of Obama’s eight year presidency. The final chopper ride from Capital Hill to St. Andrews airbase with a last lap around Washington airspace thrust the…

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Safaricom’s youth network BLAZE has unveiled the12 contestants who will be taking part in its new reality show, BLAZE BYOB TV, which will premiere on Monday 6th February 2017. The…

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