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Breaking the silence on miscarriages – #StillAMum


Imagine carrying a baby for 30 weeks then one evening, labor pains come and even though it seems too early you (or your wife) packs the baby’s clothes and head…


Rough sex VS sexual abuse – my two cents on the #Mollis audio tape


Let’s face it, there is nothing funny about sexual abuse – I should end this post at this point but allow me to explain myself just a little bit. I…


Persons Of Interest: Thelma Spits Lukachia


This post was to go up on Monday but coming from the holiday season it was difficult getting hold of my POI earlier so we arrange to meet at my…


What you dint know about Vybez Awards CEO Aleki Alex


Yesterday evening I went to the Vic Hotel to grab a cup of coffee – I am sort of a coffee addict and since the closure of KnK I have…


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