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I still love the Kenyan spirit

Being Kenyan (I think) is the most beautiful thing that could happen to anyone even though our politicians (and other selfish leaders) many at times make us feel otherwise about this land of red, white, green and black.

What is most amazing is how the ordinary mwananchi once in a while comes out and remind them that this lovely country is still ours and we can get it where we want without their help as we did when we fed our hungry brothers and sisters through the Kenyans4Kenyans campaign and today we do it again to help one of our beloved sports heroes who has been neglected by the leaders of the country she proudly represented.

One thing that our leaders dearly fail to recognize is that our athletes are our ambassadors and when they fight, run or play out there they carry our national flag – the pride of our nation. It was so heartbreaking to see Conjestina – a woman who brought us so much pride as a nation suffer like that.

I am however grateful to the thousands of Kenyans who have shown their support for Conjestina first to the reporter who highlighted her plight for the first time – that is what true journalism is all about and to every Kenyan who has contributed towards her medication and who is planning to do the same. To mama Ida Odinga and Yvone Khamati who led from the front to make sure that Conje gets her rent paid and who took her to hospital. Then to Robert Alai, Mwalimu Churchil and Hubert Nakitare aka Nonini and all who are working tirelessly on rallying Kenyans to join this cause.

It is however time that leaders of our sports federations thought deeply about what their roles are if our sports heroes could be left to languish in poverty like Conje was left.

Once again I am very proud to be Kenyan at this time. That pride is not just something that we should talk about – its even better if you can put it into action by donating what you can afford towards taking care of Conje’s hospital bills and this is how you can do that: I will update M-pesa pay bill number later in the day as it is not yet available. In the mean time, use this Orange pay bill number: 222222 to raise funds for her treatment. #kenyans4conje



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