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Hit or Miss – Kisumu’s music industry

Nebulaz did a great thing with Tuition Teacher and I thought that was the song that was going to put Kisumu on the entertainment map. The track was awesome and so was the video which had very simple concepts that is synonymous with Luch videos but very professional videography…the song got good airplay both on radio and tv but we are yet to see a follow-up track!!

Another good track from Kisumu that seem to be destined for great heights is Mzuka by Smeezy feat. Ujoc. The song is produced by Ujoc of Bermuda Records and has already premiered on Citizen Radio’s Mambo Mseto alongside other local stations such as Sahara fm. The track fuses tight lyrics with awesome dancehall beats and amazing videography.

Ujoc is also the Producer at Bermuda record and has recorded several songs as an artist and also as a producer but none of them is yet to put his name on the lime light. His fortunes might however be turned by a new RnB single “Baby it’s over” that he has produced for one of the Yawa dancers but is yet to be released officially.

And our history with good music from Kisumu ends there. There is however a new trend in town where artists are now over spending in quality videos but the tracks do not do those songs any justice. One such videos is Nyale by June Rapsha FT Lady Joyner. The video is mostly set up at the Cafe’ Ole Restaurant which if you ask me I’ll tell you is a very good location for a video shoot. The effects are out of this world but the song recorded at Jomino Entertainment is somewhat lacking on lyrics. The beats are also great.

The last song I am going to review today is Sema Ha by Ronny Ron. The song is Produced by Urban Muzik and has what I would call weak hip hop beat. The beat would pass well for a skeleton beat but the producer needs to add more flesh to it if a hit is what they are aiming at. The vocals are great and Ronny has a voice that would make a great Hip hop jam but this time his single is lacking in Lyrical content. One thing about great hip hop songs is that when the song is over you can easily remember a few punch lines from the song but in this case 4 minutes or so down the line, I can’t remember a single thing that would make me want to listen to the song again. Of all the songs I have featured today, this one has the best videography though and I wish they could put as much effort on the lyrics and the beats then Octopizo and Rabbit would have a run for their money.

I think we need producers who can mold talents in Kisumu. I know there is so much talent here and i have experienced them first hand from the hip hop night sessions we use to have at Tamiez every Wednesday. What we really need are producers who are able to guide artists into producing singles or albums that would sell and get them shows instead of producers who just want to make a quick buck.

Opinions are my own, you got yours too!!
Videos courtesy of Youtube
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