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The media does not raise your kids for you

Media personalities and celebrities do not raise your kids for you, don’t fail to do your job as a parent then blame others for your how your children turn out.

Everyday I hear people complaining about discussion topics on certain morning shows on our FM stations and wonder who glued their radi sets to the said stations?

Earlier this week it was a discussion topic on NTV’s Press Pass and I felt sad for Shaffie Weru as he tried to calm down and explain himself to a dagger wielding Fred Obati Machoka who refuses to understand that he belongs to the same generation as the now extinct dinosaur.

Thing is, for commercial radio stations, we are solely driven by advertisement revenue which come as a result of KARF ratings. As much as we would like to pretend that we do not like the sex topics on prime-time radio, the ratings actually say otherwise. Radio shows that discuss sex-laced topics on morning radio actually occupy the top spots on KARF ratings meaning that is where advertisers will be more willing to take their money.

The Media is a business (unless you are talking of KBC) and as long as there is a market for sex laced topics, the supply won’t run dry!

However in a country with more than 100 radio stations, I do not know why somebody will be stuck on complaining about the content on one or two when they have the option of switching on to another.

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