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Podcast Corner: The Samburu Chronicles

Ellein Nasieku is a friend who has on a personal level had her own struggles with mental health. During the day, she is a Programs Manager with a tech firm.

Her podcast tackles various elements of mental health at the workplace, school or even family level.

It’s not one of those overly produced podcasts with a lot of effects – it’s raw and real and if you have been listening to professional podcasts a lot it provides for quite a good break from that monotony.

I find being raw quite a good style especially when tackling a topic like this because it basically gets you inside her mind and you can follow through her thought process – and feel that heart to heart conversation coming from her.

I like the calmness in her voice – just someone out there sharing her experiences with her audience. In some episodes she has guests with whom they discuss complexities of some of the issues, but even with those there is a lot of rawness – there isn’t so much struggles with perfection. Guys just wanting to relate and express themselves around the issues.

One of the episodes that really got me is the one on emotional abuse in relationships. And the big question about why people stay in abusive relationships despite knowing very well what it does to their physical and mental health.

Another one I really love is “when you are a man.” About men trying to figure out what it means to be a man, especially for men who grew up without male father figures in their lives, or those who got bad examples of what being a man is from the men around them.

I listen to this podcast on Spotify, but it’s also available on YouTube as a vlog.



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