“Growing up poor made me a better doctor” – Dr Magare Magara

Poverty was a blemish that followed Dr Magare Magara everywhere he went as a child. He was mocked for it by his peers at school and neighbours at home. Being…

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Pastoring in a pandemic

Kenya is a largely religious country with about 85.5 per cent of the population professing the Christian faith, 10.9 % Muslim, and 1.8 % other faiths. Most of these religious…

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Christine is one of those girls whose smile can brighten up the dullest of rooms. She laughs from her stomach. Hers is what I would describe as a “bubbly personality.”…

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Brian was startled from his thoughts by a gentle knock on the window on the co – driver’s side of the car. It was Mike, his new landlord. He had…

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Second Chances

I sat there looking at Sam. Smiling and wondering how second chances can be real. For Sam, this was actually a second chance to several other second chances that life…

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CELEBRATING WORLD RADIO DAY: The unsung heroes of a radio station

Content Producer, Music Manager, Social Media Content Creator, Traffic Manager these are some of the positions of people who work in the back end at your favorite radio stations. Today…

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Philip Ogola – the brave ‘Digital Humanitarian’ who ran towards the blasts and gunshots as everyone else ran away from Dusit Complex

Tuesday the 15th of January was to end like another normal day for Philip Ogola popularly known as ‘The Digital Humanitarian.’ He was home early eager to help the kids…

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Tales of triumph over cancer despite prohibitive cost of treatment

The doctors told my dad to take me home and make me comfortable. There was nothing else they could do, I had about 14 days to live. I had gone…

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Why getting diagnosed with cancer could be a death sentence in Kenya

Getting diagnosed with cancer in Kenya could mean imminent death if you are not extremely wealthy or have a good medical cover. Everyday social media sites are littered with medical…

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Edwin Anayo – I am not McObewa’s running mate

Kisumu Market – Milimani ward MCA had a rather fairy tale entry into politics in 2013 coming in with a lot of support from the business community and Kisumu youths….

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